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About Us

Princessly dresses bring the fairytale to your wedding. Right down to the smallest detail, we bring the wedding of your dreams to life. 

Every little girl knows what exactly her wedding will look like, especially her beautiful dress — and now you've met your Prince Charming, you want to make that dress come to life. Our exquisite detailing and timeless styles ensure that you can pick out the perfect look not just for the bride, but also her entourage: 

  • Bridal dresses
  • Bridesmaid and maid of honor dresses
  • Flower girl dresses

We're here to help your fairytale wedding happen — and give you dresses your inner Princess loves.

Exquisite hand making

Princessly.com is an Asia-based global online retailer specializing in women fashion goods that are exquisitely hand made. Orders are shipped to over 190 countries and regions worldwide, primarily to English speaking countries such as United States, Australia, United Kingdom, Canada, and many more. The company behind it, Princessly Co., Ltd. was founded in Xi'an, in Sep. 2011. Asia produces some of the finest goods and have been dominating global clothing manufacturing market by unparalleled affordable prices.

Not any more.

Things have changed dramatically for the last decade and we believe it is not enough any more to be just cheap. Princessly is born with a mindset such that we will be more of a United States local business rather than one based in Asia. We want to be a trustworthy brand that people feel safe and worry-free when shopping with us. Most important of all, we sell what we are proud of. Unless we are pretty sure you will like what we offer, we wouldn't be adding them in our catalog.

But we might be wrong one or two times. Should you not like what you have received, return them and get a refund, hassle free. We would try every way possible to keep you happy. As a matter of fact, we suffer losses every month by issuing refunds to our customers, yet we never regret it.

Bridal hall

We are more than North American

We are not just made in Asia. About 40% of our catalog is made in North America. As CNY appreciates and USD depreciates, it simply doesn't make any sense for some particular goods to be produced in China. 

While we have an ambitious blueprint for our business with all sorts of women apparel and accessories such as dresses, shoes, handbags and jewelries, etc., to start with, we will focus on wedding dresses as well as gowns and skirts that are eventful and beautiful. Princessly.com is meant for Anything Beautiful™.

You can reach us with this contact form or at the email info@princessly.com. Detailed contact information can be found below.

Bridalgarden Studio

JuliaMy name is Julia, I’m a wedding designer and have been designing and making dresses for almost 5 years in Russia. My dresses are simple but very elegant. The fabrics I use in dresses are high quality and I choose them very responsibly. In my dresses bride will feel herself very comfortable because all dresses are non corset. If you have any questions please ask, I’m always ready to help you. You can visit my online store or check my latest designs in Princessly Bridal Collections.


Our location and time


#21406, C-South, Shangpin International
No. 88, Gao Xin Lu, High-tech Zone
Xi'an, Shaanxi, China

Postal Code: 710065

Support Phone: +86-13866781541
Support Email: happy@princessly.com (Happiness Department)

General Email: info@princessly.com (General Inquiry & Business Dev.)

Local time: ( , )

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