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Princessly 2023 collection of designer flower girl dresses, mini bridal dresses / little girl bridesmaid dresses with exquisite handmaking, timeless styles, patience, and love. Custom-made formal dress for children and kids with fine Tulle and Lace. See New Arrivals or Best Sellers. Or perhaps flower girl shoes?

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Cap Sleeves Champagne Lace Tulle Wedding Flower Girl Dress Kids Party

$279.99 $169.99

Ivory Lace Pink Tulle Cap Sleeves Wedding Flower Girl Dress, Horsehair Hem
Cupcake Champagne/Ivory Tulle Halter Neck Wedding Flower Girl Dress
Puff Sleeves Pink Satin Glittering Tulle Neck Wedding Flower Girl Dress, Big Bow
Beaded Dusty Blue Polka Dots Tulle Straps Wedding Flower Girl Dress Kids Party Dress
Backless Ivory Lace Tulle Wedding Flower Girl Dress, Pearls

$209.99 $109.99

Pink Satin Tulle Cupcake Wedding Flower Girl Dress Kids Formal Dress, Bow
Cupcake Mauve Glittering Tulle Straps V Back Wedding Flower Girl Dress

$279.99 $129.99

Princess Ivory Lace Tulle V Back Wedding Flower Girl Dress, Big Bow
Boho Beach Beaded Ivory/Pink Chiffon Flower Girl Dress
Pink / Silver Gray Jacquard Feather High Neck Wedding Party Flower Girl Dress
Off Shoulder Pink Polka Dot Lace Tulle Ball Gown Wedding Flower Girl Dress
Ivory Lace Champagne Tulle Keyhole Back Wedding Party Flower Girl Dress, Belt

$197.75 $103.99

Long Sleeves V Back Crystal Beaded Champagne Tulle TUTU Wedding Flower Girl Dress
Ivory Satin Tulle Flower Girl Dress, Navy Blue Belt\Bow
Boho Beach Ivory Chiffon Tulle Flower Girl Dress
Straps 3D Purple Lace Flower Tulle Wedding Flower Girl Dress Photography Gown
Long Sleeves Gold Sequin Black Satin V Back Wedding Flower Girl Dress Kids Party Dress
Princess Ivory Lace Gray Tulle Wedding Flower Girl Dress
Ivory Lace Tulle Spaghetti Straps Wedding Flower Girl Dress, Beaded Belt

$201.99 $97.99

Ivory Lace Tulle Spaghetti Straps Wedding Flower Girl Dress, Bow
Princess Court Style Ivory Lace Short Sleeves Wedding Flower Girl Dress
Ball Gown Off Shoulder Yellow Ruffles Tulle Wedding Flower Girl Dress Kids Party Dress

$329.00 $169.00

Sheer Neck Gray Beaded Ivory Chiffon Flower Girl Dress
U Back Ivory Cotton Ruffle Neckline Flower Girl Dress
V Back Long Sleeves Burgundy Sequin Wedding Flower Girl Dress Birthday Party Dress
Ivory Satin Tulle Black Lace Wedding Flower Girl Dress
Black Velvet Gold Jacquard Keyhole Back Wedding Party Flower Girl Dress

$359.00 $139.00

Long Organza Sleeves Sequin Tulle V Back Horsehair Wedding Flower Girl Dress
Brown Satin Ivory Lace Short Sleeve Flower Girl Dress

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Flower Girl Dresses – The Ultimate Shopping Guide

Finding a perfect flower girl dress for the cutest member of your bridal squad sometimes can be a hard task. You want your flower girls to look the best, yet feel comfortable in it, right? So every outfit should be picked out carefully, considering important factors, such as the weather, the type of wedding venue, etc. 

And that's where we came in, at Princessly we think about all of this and more! We design dresses in which your little flower girl will feel like a princess. But, not only that, a dress in which she could dance, twirl, and play all day long. The comfort of the flower girl is always in our first place, that is why we carefully choose high-quality materials for every single dress. We offer over 400 different dress designs, so we know sometimes it is hard to choose the dress that will match your wedding theme, and that your flower girl will love. That's why we made this little guide, with tips, trips, favorite trends, favorite styles and all the information you need when shopping for a flower girl dress. 

What color of the flower girl dress you should choose? 

Traditionally, flower girl dresses are white, sometimes even mini versions of the bride's wedding dress. This color is often picked because it matches perfectly with any wedding theme. The elegant and sophisticated look of white flower girl gowns is something that wins every bride's heart. But again, there are no rules when it comes to the color of the dresses for the little attendant. If you want something similar to the white opt ivory dress. If you want dresses with a  pop of color, you can choose blush pink flower girl dresses or timeless champagne flower girl dresses. Likewise, if you want to play with the bold colors or opt for blue, mauve, or red dresses. Do you love floral appliques or maybe glitter? Well, this is a perfect chance to play with these fun accents, on Princessly you will find beautiful flower girl dresses with feathers, lace appliques, glitter, 3D flowers, butterflies, and many more. 

How much do flower girl dresses cost? 

Flower girl dresses can range from about $50 to $500, even $600, generally the older the flower girl the more expensive the dress will be. The price also varies based on color, the style of the dress, details, etc. 

How to choose the right fabric? 

When it comes to the fabric of the flower girl dress, you should consider a few factors. First is the weather. When the wedding is held? And where? Is it too hot, or maybe too cold? Is it a beach wedding or a traditional style wedding? 

After answering all these questions you'll know which fabric will work the best for your flower girl dress. For example, if your big day is held in warmer months, such as May, June and July opt for airy, and lightweight fabrics such as cotton, silk, or chiffon. Likewise, if it is held in colder months, such as October, December, and January, choose warm and comfy materials. Velvet, tulle, and organza will look amazing! 

Avoid itchy materials or those that easily wrinkle. 

Types of Flower Girl Dresses  

When choosing a flower girl dress, you need to consider several aspects. It is not enough to choose the one that is sweetest to you. Pay attention to the characteristics of cuts, style, accessories, and perhaps most important, the length of dresses. Length is really one of the most important characteristics, especially when it comes to flower girls of different age groups. Find the best one for you and your girls. 

Knee length flower girl dresses 

This is a perfect dress length! Namely, if you have girls with flowers of different ages, this type of dress will suit all of them. Romantic, playful, classic and flawless. Dresses for everyone. Combining these dresses is also easy, they go with absolutely everything, whether it's lace or satin. 

Tea-length flower girl dresses 

This length is reminiscent of vintage dresses. It usually goes to the ankle, and is ideal for special events. The very name tea length comes from the 1920s, when women would wear dresses like this to tea parties. We recommend this beautiful midi dress for flower girls who are at least 4 years old. It is much easier for them to walk, dance and play in them. 

Floor-length flower girl dresses 

Floor-length dresses are really beautiful! These long dresses look very formal and elegant. Really flawless. If you decide to go with them, pay attention to the age of your flower girls. Namely, this length will not be equally comfortable for a six-year-old girl and a two-year-old girl. For girls who are still small, it can be very awkward to walk in long dresses. 

Flower Girl Dress Trends 

When it comes to flower girl dress trends, white dresses with twirl worthy skirt is on the top of the list. If the wedding is held in summer opt for a dress with tulle skirt and cap sleeves. Complete the look with a floral crown. And if your wedding is held in winter choose long sleeves dress with a flowy skirt. Another top flower girl dress trend is definitely dress with floral details. Think 3D flowers, floral embroidery, etc. Planning a modern wedding, choose a silk organza dress for your flower girl. 

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