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2.00 Ct Crystal and Pearl Huggie Earring in 18K White Gold Plated

$24.00 $15.30

Pearl Stud Earring in 18K Gold Plated

$21.00 $11.45

4 Piece Necklace Set: Choker, Pearl, Coin, Pendant

$21.00 $14.00

Pearl Valladolid Necklace in 18K White Gold Plated

$23.00 $16.57

Messina Tricolo Pearl Necklace in 18K Rose Gold Plated

$26.00 $16.57

Hoop Dangle Earring with Fax Pearl

$33.00 $27.62

Plant Pearl And Rhinestone Stud Earrings

$25.00 $19.11

Dream Pave Petal Statement Necklace

$45.00 $38.23

Triple Pearl Drop 18k Gold Plated Earrings

$45.00 $38.00

Drop Crystal & Pearl 18k Gold Plated Earrings

$46.00 $39.00

Ancient Coin and Pearl Charm 18k Gold Plated Drop Earrings

$68.00 $59.50

Pearl Initial 18k Gold Plated Necklace

$61.00 $53.00

Gotta Have Faith 18k Gold Plated Interchangeable Charm Necklace

$69.00 $59.50

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