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5 Tips For Choosing Your Dream Wedding Cake

The funniest and the most delicious part of planning a wedding is definitely choosing you wedding cake. Lots of sugar, chocolate, sprinkles and fruit. Is there anything better? There is so many choices, so many flavors and so many styles, sizes and shapes. Which one to choose?  There is a lot of things to consider, your wedding theme, design, flavor and your budget. We always say that your wedding, your choice of food, interior including flowers describe your personality, the same thing is with your wedding cake. How to choose the best cake and where to start, we will give you some tips.

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Search through Pinterest, Instagram or bridal magazines, find the styles and designs that you like and create your little cake inspiration board.

2. Select Excellent Pastry Chef

This is the most important, because a good pastry chef means a good cake. Pastry chef’s experience is crucial, make sure to check out the reviews and feedback from previous customers. A good pastry chef will know how to match your taste, and make sure to make your cake that will not only be original, but also appropriate to your wedding’s theme.

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3. Size And Shape

From single to 6 – layer, a size of your cake depends on the number of guests, and also your budget. They can be in various shapes including heart, square, scalloped, oval, round or square.

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4. Flavor Of Your Cake

To match every guest’s taste is near to impossible. Somebody likes fruit cakes, somebody hates chocolate ones, so how to get a cake that will put a smile on everyone’s face? Pick a multi-layer cake and let every layer be a different flavor. A choice is extensive where you can choose different types and fillings, from classic spongecake to fruit cake (made with dried fruit and nuts), chocolate sponge or trendy cheesecake. Filling can be made from virtually everything, whether you like fruit, chocolate or lemon sorbet, the choice is big and it’s all up to you.

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5. Cake Decoration

Classic cakes are usually decorated with icing. If you’re having a posh wedding you can decide to decorate your cake with shimmer. Golden or silver, it will look really elegant and modern.

Bohemian weddings are really popular these days, so a lot of brides are having their cakes decorated with natural or sugar flowers. Traditional couples can decide to have cake toppers, bride and groom figurines will look great.

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