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9 Wedding Decor Things You Can Buy On Ebay Under $5

There are plenty of ways to bring your wedding-day vision to life, and wow your wedding guests. First it is the dress, and second, wedding decorations. Not only it is important to choose the right theme, music and cake, it is also important to show your character, love and fabulous style. Wedding decor can be quite expensive, so most of the couples turn to diy. But have you ever thought about Ebay? We found 9 amazing things that you can buy on Ebay under $5, and decorate your wedding venue with fun and memorable decor.

1. Chair Sashes

Chair sashes are a perfect way to make your wedding even more beautiful, elegant, and romantic. They can be expensive, but on Ebay you will get them for less then a $1. They comes in 6 different colors, so we are sure you will find your perfect one.

chair sashes
Chair sashes [photo: Ebay]

2. Tisssue Paper Pom Poms Flowers Balls

Another great way to decorate your wedding without blowing your budget, are paper pom poms. Perfect for bohemian and shabby chic wedding, these colorful and playful pom poms will make your wedding so stylish and chic. You can make this flower pom poms yourself, but if you don`t have enough time, and diy isn`t your thing, you can buy this cute decor for less then a $1. And you can choose between 9 different colors.

Paper Pom Poms
Paper Pom Poms [photo: Ebay]

3. Table Numbers

Aren’t these heart-shaped table numbers just the cutest? Help your guests to find their way, and write on this sweet hearts the table number. Price? Only $0.77

Table Numbers
Table Numbers [photo: Ebay]

4. Photo Booth Props

Make your wedding fun, unique and memorable with these cute and hilarious photo booth props. From funny ties, moustaches, and cute princess crowns, your guests will love it. And the best of all they cost only $0.77.

Photo Booth Props
Photo Booth Props [photo: Ebay]

5. Flower petals

Is there something more romantic then walking with your better half through a magical shower of flower petals? Hardly.  And guess what, we found them on Ebay for only $1. You can choose between light pink and pink. Flower petals are also perfect for decorating tables. It will look glamorous and romantic.

Flower petals
Flower petals [photo: Ebay]

6. Ribbon

This ribbon with white lace in the middle is perfect for wedding decoration. You can add them on vase or even candle lights and it will look beautiful. With this delightful ribbons you can decorate presents for your guests to thank them for coming.

Ribbon [photo: Ebay]

7. „Just Married“ car sign

Decorate your getaway car with this cute heart- shaped „Just Married“ sign.  It will look super cool and fun. Price is less then $3.

„Just Married“ car sign
„Just Married“ car sign [photo: Ebay]

8. Bride and Groom Wedding candies boxes

Wedding candies boxes are a thoughtful way to show your guests your appreciation for attending your big day. The choice of the boxes on Ebay is huge. From fun and cool to the elegant and stylish. We really like boxes in shape of bride and groom.

Wedding candies boxes
Wedding candies boxes [photo: Ebay]

9. Balloons

Balloons are always perfect for decor, especially weddings. And on Ebay they cost only one dollar. Great, right?

Ballons [photo: Ebay]

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