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5 Absolutely Flawless Wedding Makeup Ideas

Every bride wants to look incredible on her wedding day. Beautiful dress, hair and of course flawless skin.  Everything needs to be perfect, right? For us the most important thing is self-confidence.  And if the make up is your ally in that, who are we to judge.  First advice, is to think carefully about the specialist who will do your make up.  This is probably the most photographed day in your life, so you want to look amazing. If you will do your make up yourself,  see what you like, and try waterproof cosmetics. But if you still don`t know in what way you should go, we will as always be your little helpers and give you a few ideas for your perfect wedding make up. Find the best makeup artists in UK if you are in UK.

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If you are not the girl who wears make up every day, then this look is right for you.  Start with good primer, and prepare your skin for next steps.  It will smooth out your skin and make your makeup last longer.  Pick up foundation that will match with your skin tone and corrector for minor imperfections. You can refresh your face with creamy blush that will looks so fresh and natural, and highlight your eyes.

Dark Lips

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Elegant, sophisticated and statement, dark lips are making a big comeback.  With such bold lips, you don`t need anything more.  Red, purple or wine, it is up to you to choose.

Smokey Eyes

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Super sexy and glamorous smokey eyes are great alternative to natural look. All you need is lip gloss or lipstick in natural shade.

Pin up

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photo: bmodish.com

Eye liner and red lipstick, is there more elegant and glamorous than that?

How to achieve this look? First, you will need great foundation, this make up doesn`t allow mistakes. Draw your winged eyeliner and add your perfect shade of red.


wedding makeup

photo: www.cornwallmakeupartist.co.uk

If you like to experiment with your make up, glitter will be your great friend. After you put eyeshadow, glitter easily dab to your eyelid.

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