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ショッピングカート 選ぶ


$323.95 - $363.95
$588.95 $323.95
サイズ *
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数量 運送
1 アイテム $30
2 アイテム $30 + $20, 保存 $10
3 アイテム, ... $30 + $20 + $20, 保存 $20, ...

これは、エンパイアウエストとバックレス、Vネック、ジッパーアップのリアビューを備えたVネック、長袖、Aラインのウェディングドレスです。レースとプリーツスカートは床丈です。エレガントでクラシック、そして複雑なこの見事なウェディングドレスは、ブラシトレインを備えており、春、秋、夏の季節のボールルームや教会などの会場に最適です。ボディスはレース風です。装飾用に、このユニークなウェディングドレスにはアップリケやレースなどの機能も付いています。 サイズ は 2, 4, 6, 8, 10, 12, 14, 16, 16W, 18W, 20W, 22W, 24W, 26W, カスタムサイズ.

元: China


14 - 21 business days, or 2 days for products with "Ships in 48 Hours" tag

Shipping Rates

$10 handling + $5 to $15 per item based on weight or volume. Shipping rates are instantly calculated in the cart. SAVE more on shipping by adding MORE items to the cart!

Shipping Time (Allow extra wiggle time for COVID-19)

  • United States: 3 weeks or 7-10 days (rushed)
  • Worldwide: 3 weeks or 10-12 days (rushed)

Rush order available for $24.99 at checkout (7 - 12 business days processing & 7 - 10 days shipping).


Depending on your destination, we use USPS, DHL, UPS, or EMS for fast and trackable delivery.

Locations We Ship To

We ship to over 200 countries and regions worldwide. Some of our most popular destinations are United States, United Kingdom, Germany, Canada, France, and Australia.

Wedding Dresses / Flower Girl Dresses

Receiving time (Time needed for you to receive the order after payment) = Tailoring time (around 13-15 working days) + shipping time (around 3-8 working days)

Shipping time for Wedding Dresses


Returns & Cancellation

At Princessly, we take your satisfaction seriously. Your returns are easy.

When your order arrives, we strongly recommend that you immediately check the items and make sure the dresses have been made to your order specifications. Try on the dresses as soon as possible without removing the tags, altering, or washing them.

If you are returning or replacing dresses or accessories, please make sure they are in their original condition - unworn, unwashed, unaltered, undamaged, clean, free of lint and hair and with tags intact and attached.

Return Policy

Make sure you read the Return Policy for this item.

Cancellation Policy

Make sure you read the Cancellation Policy for this item.


What if my dress is not available?

If your dress is not in stock and for some reason we cannot make it, we will notify you and provide you with alternative options or you can cancel your order and get a full refund.

What if I want a dress in a color that is not listed?

The colors we list on the product details page are the only colors in which the dress is available.

Can I see the dress in other colors?

We have only certain colors for demo dresses so we may not be able to provide you pictures of dresses in your desired color.

Why is my order still processing?

Orders take 24-72 business hours to be determined with a ship date.

Can I get a dress of extra length?

Please email or call us with the style number and we would get back to you. Some designer dresses can be made with extra length.

Why can I no longer find the dress that I found before?

Once an item reaches zero in stock and the manufacturer no longer produces it, it is removed from our website inventory thus no longer showing up in search results.

Who pays for the customs duty?

Customs duty is on the buyer. For example, if you are buying from European countries like CA, UK, or FR, you will be responsible for paying any customs tariff applicable. Please understand this before you purchase from Princessly.

How to measure my body?

Measuring your bust

This is not your bra size, when measuring you must wear a bra. Relax your arms down at the sides. Take the tape across the fullest part of your bust and around your back.

Measuring your waistline

This is the natural waistline, which is also the smallest part of your waist. Typically it's about an inch above your belly button.

Measuring your bottom

Please measure the widest part of your hips, across the hipbone, which is approximately 7 inches below the natural waistline. This measurement is not needed for full gowns.

Hollow to Floor
Measuring your height, from hollow to floor

This is the length from your hollow (the hollow just under your neck) to your heels. Barefooted, stand upright with your feet close together when measuring.

Inside Sleeve
Measuring your inside sleeve

Start the tape in your armpit and measure your straight arm to the wrist.

Arm Width
Measuring your arm width

Relax your arm and measure around the fullest part of the upper arm.

ベンダー: Princessly
SKU: K1001881


  • 35,000 happy customers worldwide.
  • Proprietary designs, 75% of styles nowhere else to find.
  • ✔ Fabrics of top 5% quality, that ensure exceptional longevity and comfort.
  • 15 years of couture & 100% handmaking with a dedication to exquisite details.
  • 100% vegan & cruelty-free!
  • 100% compliments guaranteed or your money back.
  • ✔ Super attentive and caring support!
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