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¿Necesitas inspo de vestuario para invitados de boda? Te tenemos. Sé la invitada mejor vestida de la habitación esta temporada con nuestra última colección de vestidos de invitada de boda y conjuntos de invitada de boda de verano. Desde piezas de tirantes finos hasta estilos llamativos de satén, prepárate para traer el calor.
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Ajustado/Tipo Columna Escote Cuadrado Largo Chifón Vestido de Invitada de boda Vestido de Madrina

$263.00 $145.00

Corte en A con escote en V y hombros descubiertos Satén alto y bajo Vestido de madre de novia Vestido de invitada de boda, plisado

$215.00 $137.00

Corte en A Escote en V Hasta el suelo Chifón Vestido de madrina, Encaje Cuentas

$235.00 $149.00

Vestido tubo con hombros descubiertos Hasta el suelo Separado Satén Vestido de madrina, Volantes

$276.00 $156.00

Corte en A Escote en V Hasta el tobillo Satén Manga 3/4 Vestido de madrina, Plisado

$258.00 $137.00

Vestido tubo de dos piezas de chifón azul marino con volantes y cola de barrido para madre de novia

$248.00 $156.00

Columna Escote en V Volantes Drapeado Hasta el suelo Gasa Vestido de madre de novia

$258.00 $142.00

Vestido de madre de novia de satén con encaje y manga 3/4 con escote redondo alto y bajo de una línea

$253.00 $149.00

Asymmetrical Off Shoulder Slit Pink/Black/Apricot Midi Wedding Guest Dress
Vestido de invitada de boda mini verde oscuro con detalle de correa brillante manga larga
Mini jersey ribete canalé cuello alto vestido invitada boda gris
Vestido de invitados de boda rosa melocotón con abertura lateral y escote en A con cordones

$144.95 $79.00

Vestido de invitados de boda azul real de sirena de satén sin espalda con cordones y correa de espagueti

$106.95 $58.00

Vestido de invitados de boda de albaricoque cupcake sin tirantes con ribete de volantes de lunares

$144.95 $79.00

Vestido de invitados de boda rojo vino drapeado con cremallera trasera con detalle de rosa sin tirantes

$140.95 $77.00

Sin mangas con volantes con cuello en V cola de pez trompeta vino rojo vestido de invitados de boda

$140.95 $77.00

Vestido de invitados de boda formal rojo vino de terciopelo con abertura de un hombro fruncido

$142.95 $78.00

Lentejuelas en capas correa de espagueti con cuello en V Godet crema vestido de invitados de boda

$155.95 $85.00

Vestido de invitados de boda de sirena azul cielo con cola de pez y hombros descubiertos

$162.95 $89.00

Vestido de invitados de boda verde sin mangas con abertura en el cuello de la capucha atado

$175.95 $96.00

Vestido de invitados de boda formal de sirena plateada con cuello de tiras de lentejuelas

$161.95 $88.00

Vestido de invitados de boda gris acero con cuello en V y manga acampanada recortada con lentejuelas

$168.95 $92.00

Vestido de invitados de boda color crema con escote redondo y tirantes tipo sirena en contraste con lentejuelas

$144.95 $79.00

Vestido de invitada de boda azul turquesa sin mangas con escote cuadrado satinado sirena

$144.95 $79.00

Vestido largo de invitada de boda con tirantes finos plisados y detalles trenzados

$107.95 $59.00

Vestido largo de invitados de boda con lazo en la cintura y escote recto con escote en A

$82.95 $45.00

Vestido largo de invitados de boda con cuello barco y abertura lateral de encaje empalmado

$107.95 $59.00

Vestido largo de invitada de boda con abertura lateral y detalles fruncidos de encaje empalmado

$122.95 $67.00

Strass Surplice Split Maxi Negro/Vino/Beige Vestido de Invitada de Boda

$113.95 $62.00

Vestido de invitados de boda de color caqui con corte en A con detalle de cuentas y botones decorativos con ribete de encaje

$89.95 $49.00

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A Complete Guide to Wedding Guest Attire

Got an invitation? Then you've probably asked these questions; What is appropriate to wear to a wedding as a guest? Is it ok to wear black? What about the dress codes? We hear you! Finding the perfect guest attire can be very challenging. That's why we bring you a complete guide to wedding guest attire. From black-tie to casual, we answered all your questions about wedding dress codes.

Dos and Don'ts

Choose „happy“ clothes

When choosing what to wear when you are a guest at a wedding, we would recommend choosing "happy clothes". A wedding is a very joyful and happy event and it is important to dress like that. Fluffy or elegant clothes in gentle pastels or vibrant colors are a perfect choice.

Items you should never wear to a wedding

Weddings require formal clothes, making it very important not to choose casual clothes. We know you love your jeans, but they really aren't wanted at weddings. Also, hats, sequins, and sneakers are not for this kind of occasion. Black color is very elegant and refined, but at the same time it is a symbol of sadness, so it would be good to avoid it on this occasion. If you decide on a black dress, you will enrich it with cheerful accessories that will complement it. Think of it as an empty painter's canvas, which needs color and texture.

Big flash, big no!

Although you can't wait to wear that beautiful sequined dress sitting in the closet, leave it there until the New Year. Sequins and other shining appliqués are not appropriate for a wedding. Namely, in them you would be the center of attention, which is by no means polite towards the bride.

Transparent clothes

Avoid wedding guest dresses through which your underwear can be seen. See-through dresses are inappropriate for a wedding. Apart from the fact that everyone will be looking at you, they will also attract negative attention. This is a big no!


Please do not wear white to weddings. White is the color reserved for brides only. Ifit is not written in the dress code to wear white, don't. If you like soft shades, choose pastel colors like pink, blue, yellow and green. These colors suit everyone, they are easy to wear and are very beautiful at weddings.

Don't overdo it with sex appeal

A large neckline or a slit is simply not for this occasion, as well as short dresses. Namely, as this can be very irritating, it will also create a problem for you when moving, sitting or dancing. We are sure that you do not want to be under caution all evening if you'll reveal too much, or if you can move as you wish. Dresses like this are for nightclubs, not weddings.

Red in some cases

This an important unwritten rule! When we talk about red, we mean about bright red. Namely, this color is often called seductive. And that is precisely why some rules suggest that it is better to avoid it, after all, all attention should be directed towards the bride that day. If you like red, we suggest dark red, or paste red. Balance is everything.

Formal wedding

If you are attending a black tie wedding, it is important that you pick out the right formal dress. Whether these dresses feature interesting necklines, one shoulder, dropped shoulders, it's a must that they look sophisticated and elegant. It is also very important to round up the whole combination with subtle jewelry, and beautifully done make-up.

Daytime wedding

For daytime weddings, choose dressy outfits. We would say that this is the perfect time to wear floral, pastel shades and loose dresses. Combining these dresses with pump sandals or high heels will make you look great. The jewelry should be simple, and hair can be tied in a light bun or let loose. Even though it's a daytime wedding, don't wear flip flops.

Cocktail wedding

Cocktail wedding is a perfect balance between formal and casual wedding. It is elegant and at the same time relaxed. Cocktail dresses are semi-formal. They are most often worn in the late afternoon or early evening. The cocktail dress is formal but at the same time comfortable, perfect for all occasions. Combine it with high heels, subtle jewelry, and appropriate make-up.

Beach wedding

Choose colors that are popular in summer. Turquoise, blue, yellow, orange... prints are also allowed, which are cheerful and playful. All dress lengths are allowed. You can opt for bohemian dresses, one shoulder dresses and experiment with different textures and materials, like satin and lace. But, make sure that their not too short and that neckline is not too deep. And of course, avoid white color.

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