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A City of Luxury: A Dream Wedding On the Beach – How to Prepare

Опубликовано к Arya Miller

Imagine walking down the aisle of warm white sand to say your vows of faithful love under the gentle Arabian sun. A beach wedding in the United Arab Emirates is the perfect option for couples who want to make their marriage ceremony unforgettable. One of the best locations in Sharjah, the country's cultural capital and a conservative place on the Persian Gulf.


While preparing for the coast wedding, every little detail should be considered. Try your best not to miss anything or think about it at the last moment. In particular, in addition to outfits and the choice of location one should consider options to rent Mercedes C Class in Sharjah to get to the beach and then proceed with the celebration. However important, car rental service is only one of the important things to think about. The first thing to do is to choose a suitable wedding dress. It is the bride who will be the center of attention of all the guests. She must look flawless in her outfit. To simplify the choice, we have collected a few tips.

Beach Wedding Ideas: Сhoosing the right wedding dress

Does every girl's life ever have such a special dress as a wedding outfit? Since childhood, many girls have thought through exactly how they will look on this momentous day. This is not a simple dress – the outfit should demonstrate all the beauty and attractiveness of the bride. Nowadays it is easy to find the perfect style. If you are starting to prepare for this momentous event, pay attention to the following aspects during the outfit selection.

Season and location of the beach wedding ceremony

If you will hold your wedding on the beach under the warm Arabian sun, it is worth taking care that the dress perfectly corresponds to the season. Please note that the UAE is a rather hot country, so choosing the right month for the marriage ceremony is necessary. It is best to organize a wedding from March to December. It is not so hot now; the bride will not sweat under the dress, and makeup will not flow. In addition, for a ceremony on the beach, it is best to choose an airy and light dress with flowing material.

Perfect fit

Wedding fashion is constantly evolving and never stands still. Every year, designers release new outfits. Each girl can find a great option, which will fit her perfectly. Now, the most popular are the following options:

  • Lush princess dress. It is the best option for a pompous ceremony on the beach. It is an ideal outfit for any figure because its opulence allows one to competently correct the silhouette and make the figure more graceful and refined.


  • Fish silhouette. It is one of the best options for brides. The fish dress is perfect for romantic nature. You can choose the right model: with sleeves, long train, deep neckline and others. Note that you will have to move on the beach on the sand, so the dress-fish should provide a certain freedom so you do not get tangled in it with your feet during the steps.


  • Asymmetry. The presented dress is great for brides who want to stand out from the crowd and are eager for experiments. Asymmetry can be present in different parts of the dress, such as the bodice and/or skirt.


  • With open shoulders. A wedding on the shore will perfectly fit this version of the dress. In addition, it allows to create the most romantic image, adding sophistication to the bride’s outfit. If you want to make the image more piquant, add a neckline to the open shoulders.

Here are some additional ideas for brides who are particularly discerning and seek uniqueness:

  • Flowy Boho Dress: A flowing bohemian-style dress is perfect for a beach wedding, offering comfort and elegance. Look for light, breathable fabrics like chiffon or lace that will move beautifully with the ocean breeze.

  • Tea-Length Dress: Opting for a tea-length dress can be a practical choice for a beach wedding. This style allows you to navigate the sand with ease while still exuding bridal charm. Consider dresses with delicate details like lace overlays or floral appliques for a romantic touch.

  • High-Low Hemline: A high-low hemline offers the best of both worlds, with the elegance of a long gown at the back and the freedom of movement at the front. This style is perfect for beach weddings, allowing you to showcase your footwear while still enjoying the sweeping train effect.

  • Simple Slip Dress: Embrace minimalist chic with a simple slip dress that skims the body and flows effortlessly. This understated style is perfect for beach weddings, offering comfort and ease while still looking sophisticated. Add delicate accessories like a flower crown or beachy jewelry to complete the look.

  • Convertible Dress: Opt for a convertible dress that can be styled in multiple ways to suit your preferences and the beach setting. From strapless to halter top one-shoulder styles, a convertible dress offers versatility and allows you to customize your look throughout the day.

  • Flowy Jumpsuit: For a modern twist on bridal attire, consider a flowy jumpsuit that offers both style and comfort. Look for lightweight fabrics like crepe or chiffon and choose a design with wide-leg pants for ease of movement on the beach. Accessorize with statement earrings or a floral hairpiece for a touch of glamor.


Many brides are wary of buying dresses online without trying them on, fearing that they may not fit. Here's a quick trick: You can always visit one or more salons to try on dresses of a certain style and determine how they fit you. After that, you will clearly know what kind of wedding dress is worth ordering.

Wedding Budget

While choosing an outfit, you should also definitely consider your financial budget for the occasion. If you have a limited budget, consider renting a dress or ordering an outfit online. It will be much cheaper than buying an outfit in an elite salon in Dubai or Sharjah.

Also, it is worth considering a backup outfit in advance. Having a wedding ceremony on the beach doubles or even triples your chances of damaging, dirtying, or getting your dress wet with sea water. This could happen, especially during the photo session. You certainly don’t want your wedding pictures to capture you looking confused and upset. As they say, fore-armed is fore-warned.


Having your beach wedding ceremony offers a unique and picturesque setting for your special day. However, to make sure everything goes smoothly, careful consideration of various important aspects is a must-have element. This includes arranging transportation, such as hiring a car for the newlyweds and other ceremony participants. Yet, one of the foremost considerations is undoubtedly the bride's dress.

With our helpful beach wedding ideas, finding the perfect dress and curating an unforgettable look becomes achievable. From selecting the ideal silhouette to choosing the right fabrics that complement the seaside ambiance, our guidance aims to assist brides in realizing their dream wedding ensemble. By paying attention to these essential details, couples can embark on their beach wedding journey with confidence, knowing that every aspect of their celebration has been thoughtfully planned and prepared for.