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  • 19 Trendy Industrial Style Wedding Ideas for the Modern Couple

    Calling all the minimalists! This theme is perfect for you. Industrial-inspired style has been hugely popular in the last few years, and not only in weddings but in home decor in general. You have probably seen those stunning pictures of industrial-inspired decor on Pinterest, and maybe even pinned it. And who could blame you, they are really stunning! When it comes to weddings,...
  • Brides‘ Precautions After Putting on the Wedding Dress

    What I'm bringing to you today is the bride's tips after wearing wedding dress. Brides should not underestimate the details so that reduce the beauty at the last moment. When organizing a wedding, first thing you do is to find a wedding dress, then you can take care of the rest of the details. Have a look at our bridesmaid dress collection, and...
  • 5 Perfect Wedding Dresses For Halloween Themed Wedding

    Halloween will soon be upon us, and you surely must be excited. The day when you can dress in anything, and mask as anyone. What do you think about a Halloween wedding? It sure is fun and unforgettable. Not only that it will be more fun than other weddings, but your guests will talk about it for years to come. You will need...
  • 5 Tips To Choosing The Perfect Wedding Lipstick Shade

    Bridal Makeup > It is important more than ever to have the right shade of lipstick on your wedding. And sometimes it is really hard to choose. You want your lips to look full, tempting and beautiful, right? Choosing the right shade also depends on your face shape, your skin tone and hair color. We could say that every shade matches to...
  • Wedding Day Utility Kit - 7 Essential Things

    Your wedding is just a few days away, and everything is ready for your big day. You have chosen the make-up, hair, your wedding dress is waiting for you, and so is your significant other. Although the weddings are no place for thinking about bad things, you should always be ready for something to come up. You can never be too sure, right?...
  • 5 Biggest Makeup Mistakes To Avoid On Your Big Day

    It can happen to each of us that on some occasions we choose the wrong makeup. But when it comes to our wedding, mistakes are unacceptable. Every bride wants to look perfect on her big day. Beautiful make up, that will highlight your natural beauty. How to achieve this kind of look, and what things you should avoid? Stay tuned. Browse our large...
  • 7 Tips For Choosing The Perfect Bridesmaids

    Do you want bridesmaids on your wedding but you don't know how to pick them out,and what roles should they play. You are afraid of fighting about dress designs, colors, make-up and hair styles. Stress, stress, stress. Back in the day, bridesmaids had a role to wear similar dress to bride's and wear a veil to confuse evil spirits. Thank God that the...
  • 5 Absolutely Flawless Wedding Makeup Ideas

    Every bride wants to look incredible on her wedding day. Beautiful dress, hair and of course flawless skin. Everything needs to be perfect, right? For us the most important thing is self-confidence. And if the make up is your ally in that, who are we to judge. First advice, is to think carefully about the specialist who will do your make up. This...