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Chiffon Cocktail Dress Black A-Line Round Neck Sleeveless Short Mini, Lace
Chiffon Cocktail Dress A-Line Sweetheart Black Short Mini Straps Backless
Organza Cocktail Dress Black Two Piece A-Line High-Neck Asymmetrical Beaded
A-Line Halter Lace Open-Back Back Satin Mini Cocktail Dress
A-Line V Neck Black Lace Glitter Straps Corset Back Homecoming Dress
Simple Black Sequin Spaghetti Straps V Back Short Homecoming Dress
Black Polka Dot Tulle Straps Vintage Homecoming Wedding Party Dresses
Sexy Black/Royal Blue Sequin V-Neck Double Straps Backless Homecoming Dress
Glitter V Neck Black Tassel Straps V Back Homecoming Cocktail Party Dress
Sexy Glitter One Shoulder Single Sleeve Sequin Homecoming Party Dress
Sexy Lace Strapsless Sweetheart Corset Back Short Mini Homecoming Dress
Glitter Hot Pink Sequin One Shoulder Homecoming Wedding Party Dress
A-line Strapless Empire Brooch Chiffon Short Mini Cocktail Dress
Ball Gown/Princess Strapless Short/Mini Tulle Cocktail Dress, Lace Beading

$229.00 $198.00

One Shoulder Black Polk Dot Tulle Short Tea Length Prom Party Dress
One Shoulder Black Lace Tulle Short Knee Prom Dress Cocktail Party Dress

Cocktail Dresses: The Latest Trends

Are you invited to a wedding or any other special occasion? Great, it's always nice to attend special events. But the next question is: what to wear? We have a solution for you! Cocktail dress! Namely, cocktail dresses are an excellent choice for all special occasions. Cocktail dresses are typically suited for cocktail parties, graduation parties, prom, wedding, date night, etc. They are so versatile, elegant, and timeless. Dresses in which every woman feels special.

What is Cocktail Attire?

Cocktail dresses are best suitable for semi-formal occasions. They got their name from the cocktail parties that took place in the late afternoons. They are a perfect balance between casual and formal styles. When you receive an invitation and it says cocktail attire, it is very important to dress formally but do not overdo it. A perfect dress, which is tailored to the body, high heels, and appropriate jewelry and accessories. You can't go wrong with this combination.

Top 4 Cocktail Dress Trends

There are several trends when it comes to cocktail dresses, for example, off-shoulder cocktail dress and dresses with a certain print have been extremely popular in the last couple of years. Dresses in bold colors will bring a dose of refreshment to every wardrobe. So don't give up on them either. Read below about the 4 best trends that no one will be able to resist.

Asymetrcal Cocktail dresses

Asymmetric dresses are back! The very unusual appearance of these dresses will look very effective. The main characteristic of asymmetric dresses is the lower edge of the dress, which is longer on one side and shorter on the other, or the upper part of the dress, which is made on one shoulder. This difference in length can be decent, from a few to fifteen centimeters, or it can be very pronounced, it all depends on the cut of the dress. Asymmetric dresses can have many variations, so it all depends on the design and the person who will wear them. Asymmetry can be emphasized in various ways. Wear asymmetric dresses with high heels, and with jewelry that will highlight this cut.

Polka dot dresses

Polka dot is a timeless print that never goes out of fashion! This one of a kind pattern is popular among women all over the world, so it didn't miss princesses, queens, or even acting divas. It was worn by Lady Di, Julia Roberts, Marilyn, and many other women without whom today's world would not be the same. Polka dots suit absolutely everyone, and when combined with cocktail dresses, you can't go wrong. The dot print brings with it an extra dose of femininity and elegance, and you won't go wrong if you choose dots of small or large sizes. Combine the pattern with monochromatic accessories and minimal jewelry, which will make the whole combination feel even more special.

Off shoulder

No one can resist off-shoulder dresses! Not only they are exciting, seductive, and extremely fun, but they also suit absolutely everyone. Cocktail dresses in the off-shoulder style were also worn by the famous actress who made them famous - Brigitte Bardot. Any off-shoulder neckline may be called a Bardot neckline. When wearing this cocktail dress it is also very important to choose a bra that is not visible and wear high heels. If you don't like to reveal your arms, wear an off-shoulder dress with long sleeves. A really excellent cocktail dress that will emphasize the best of you.

Midi dress

In the last couple of years, midi dresses have been the best sellers. Women adore them. Honestly, we are not surprised at all! These dresses suit everyone. They are extremely feminine, romantic, gentle and at the same time seductive. A cocktail dress that no one will say no to! Midi dresses must be worn with high heels to accentuate your figure and elongate it. These dresses also looks great on taller women.  If you are attending a formal affair, opt for elegant darker shades. On the flip side, if you are attending a laid-back affair, select colors such as blush pink, metallic gold, or green.

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