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5 Biggest Makeup Mistakes To Avoid On Your Big Day

Posted on by Arya Miller

It can happen to each of us that on some occasions we choose the wrong makeup. But when it comes to our wedding, mistakes are unacceptable. Every bride wants to look perfect on her big day. Beautiful make up, that will highlight your natural beauty. How to achieve this kind of look, and what things you should avoid? Stay tuned. Browse our large selection of sweetheart wedding dresses, and find the perfect dress for you big day!

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1. Wrong Shade Of Foundation

Foundation For Your Skin Tone

Foundation For Your Skin Tone beauty editor>

Choosing the right shade sometimes can be really hard. We all want to achieve that „natural look“ and don`t look like a ghost or opposite like orange. A good trick for finding the perfect shade is to try it on your neck or on the back of your hand. Another thing, you should try it in daylight, because, the store lighting usually changes colors and you can turn out red.

If you have oily skin you should use light foundation, and oil free, that will allow your skin to breathe. You should also check out foundations with matte finish. If your skin is dry you should prep your skin with moisturizing creams, and choose cream or liquid foundation.

2. Too Much Eye Makeup

Natural Makeup

Natural Makeup moncheribridals >

This is the biggest mistake that brides make. Too much eye makeup or even wrong eyeshadow color, can lead you to look like a clown. And you don`t want that, right? We recommend shades of brown, earth tones or gold. Blend them well.

3. Wrong Shade Of Blush

Natural Blush

Natural Blush glamour >

Your blush shade is important like your foundation shade. There is thin line between looking natural and looking clownish. How to choose right one? For fair skin we recommend baby pink blush or peach. You can`t go wrong with that. And for olive skin, bronze and rose shade.

Tip: For natural-looking glow, use creamy blush. It is so easy to use, blendable, and your skin will look so soft, dewy and fresh.

4. Unnatural EyeBrows

Beautiful Natural Brows

Beautiful Natural Brows the lane>

Eyebrows can really transform the whole look. Remember when Dr. Cristina Yang from Grey's Anatomy remove her eyebrows, she looked hilarious.

Don`t over-pluck your brows, this was the 90s trend, but not any more. Thin brows will make you look older, so drop the tweezers and let your brows grow out. You should also make sure that your brow filler looks natural and believable, avoid dark colors. Another thing, and we would say rule, you should always blend your brows.

5. Contouring Gone Wrong

Contouring and Highlighting

Contouring and Highlighting fabfashionfix >

Thanks to Kim Kardashian, contouring became a big makeup trend. It helps you to define and highlight your face in most feminine way. But it is not as easy as it looks. Applying to much highlighter or choosing too dark bronzer. The list of mistakes is too long. How to avoid that? Choose bronzer with matte finish that is a shade darker than your skin tone and blend it well for a natural look.

  • You should always go on makeup trial at least three months before the wedding.
  • Test your make up before wedding.
  • Ask your family or friends if they can recommend a great makeup artist.
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