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  • Rustic and Country Wedding Theme Ideas Perfect for Fall Wedding

    Fall weddings are magical! The air is crisp, the leaves are turning... and the nature is painting an awe inspiring canvas as a beautiful backdrop to your special day. And when you mix all that with few fall decorations such as pumpkins and mums, rustic details and country vibe, you'll get a mind-blowing, memorable wedding day. Dreaming about a perfect wedding dress for...
  • 20 Earthly Toned Decor and Food Ideas for a Stylish Fall Garden Wedding

    Did you know that October has officially replaced June as the most popular month to get married? It's easy to see why. Fall weddings are magical!
  • 17 Steal-Worthy Wedding Cake Ideas for a Parisian-Themed Summer Wedding

    What is more romantic than a wedding? The city of love itself... With the stunning, Georges Haussman-designed city centre, charming Montmartre and the Marais streets, no wonder Paris inspired so many pieces of art and stories. After all, most romantic movies like Midnight in Paris and Amélie are filmed there. And we all want to bring in that romance and love into our...
  • 16 Unforgettable Cakes for Your Country Wedding

    Nowadays, more and more couples are eager for a big day reflect their own unique style and personality. The country's wedding has become a trend, brides have already seen the elegant of country wedding. Homemade cuisine is essential for any style weddings, the most important of which is the wedding cake.
  • 7 Tips for you to have an outdoor wedding

    If you want to decorate your outdoor wedding with enough romance and attract the attention of your guests, you will have to spend more time thinking about decoration. Let's see how to create a romantic outdoor wedding. Take a look at our beautiful wedding dress collection, and pick the right one for you. fall wedding 1. Wedding cake Don't choose a complicated cake...
  • 3 reasons for you to have a small and warm wedding

    A warm and sweet little wedding is a very popular pattern for modern newcomers. From recent years of popular backyard weddings to a private celebration of 30 people, the closest friends wedding will allow newcomers to get married easily and enjoy the time with each other. You don't have to worry about embarrassment at a big day. The closest friends will witness you...
  • 8 Ideas For A Spooky Halloween Wedding

    There is something magical in October weddings. Beautiful colors, leaves falling down, cold and crispy weather, in fall nature really shows her best. But, this is not the only reason that weddings in fall are so beautiful and so mystical. Whether you're having a Enchanted wood wedding or Gothic wedding, this is the perfect time for it. But if you want to have...
  • 5 Amazing Drinks To Serve At Your Wedding

    Although they come to wedding to celebrate your love and make it your special day, it is very important that the guests have a good time too. Along with the music, it is very important that the food and drinks follow the beat too. Beside the classic wine and champagne, it is great to surprise your guests with something completely different. What do...
  • 9 Unique And Fun Wedding Ideas From Pinterest

    You don't know from where to start and how to prepare for wedding? You are constantly running out of ideas that you saw in wedding magazines. It happens more often than you think. If you want something different on your wedding than the rest of the newlyweds and be unique and original, getting inspiration and ideas can pose a problem. A great place...
  • 5 Amazing DIY Wedding Decorations Ideas Anyone Can Make

    Weddings are beautiful, so romantic and wonderful. It is very important that they are perfected in every detail, and it costs, right? Very often the future bride and groom have to raise loans or ask their parents to help with costs. The biggest question is : Where to save? Try with small little things that you can do it yourself. We bring you...
  • 5 Amazing Summer Wedding Cake Ideas

    Do you like cookies and cakes? We adore them. And we don't mean by just adoring them in a kind of a platonic way, we meant that in a „we have to have a dessert every single day“ way. To pick out a wedding cake can be a complicated and difficult task. It is hard to match the taste of every single guest....
  • 6 Ways To Make Your Wedding Fun And Unique

    Let's be honest, weddings can sometimes be super boring. It often happened to us that we couldn't wait to get home from wedding, although we really like the newlyweds. A lack of entertainment, atrocious music and even a bad choice of foods can ruin the wedding for your guests. With all the your effort you've put in, and the time you've spent, you...
  • 5 Tips For Choosing Your Dream Wedding Cake

    The funniest and the most delicious part of planning a wedding is definitely choosing you wedding cake. Lots of sugar, chocolate, sprinkles and fruit. Is there anything better? There is so many choices, so many flavors and so many styles, sizes and shapes. Which one to choose? There is a lot of things to consider, your wedding theme, design, flavor and your budget....