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5 Amazing DIY Wedding Decorations Ideas Anyone Can Make

Posted on by Arya Miller

Weddings are beautiful, so romantic and wonderful. It is very important that they are perfected in every detail, and it costs, right? Very often the future bride and groom have to raise loans or ask their parents to help with costs. The biggest question is : Where to save? Try with small little things that you can do it yourself. We bring you amazing DIY that are perfect for weddings, and you will save your money too. Check out our stylish collection of bridal dresses that are out of this world!

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Invitations are a first thing that you need to do when you set your wedding date. Beautiful and elegant, invitations are often very expensive. But if you make them yourself or with little help of your bridesmaids, you will be suprised how much you will save. There is so much ideas on Pinterest for every kind and every theme of wedding. We are in love with this beautiful invitation, and all you need is your fingers and color. Check it out on website:


Invitations gofeminin>

Wedding Paper Pom Poms

We all know that decorating a wedding venue can be quite expensive. Flowers on the tables, tablecloths, all that little details, costs never end. We found an amazing thing on which you can save, cute wedding paper pom poms. They are so original and unique, and also you will have fun making them. If you have bohemian wedding, make them in variety of colors, but if your wedding is elegant then you should choose white or golden, it will look amazing. How to make them, check it out on the page .

Wedding Paper Pom Poms

Wedding Paper Pom Poms evermine >

Guest book

Guest books are a really great memory from your wedding. Imagine you sitting by the fireplace with your husband drinking a glass of wine, and read what your beloved ones wrote. You can find so many great ideas on how to make your own guest book on Pinterest. From Polaroid book to the classic traditional guest book. We really like non-traditional books, so in that way we choose Newlywed ‘TIP’ Jar Printable guest book which you can make in only 15 minutes. How? Check it out on website:

Newlywed ‘TIP’ Jar

Newlywed ‘TIP’ Jar confettidaydreams >

Ice Cream

If your wedding is during the summer, you have to be prepared for very hot weather. And what is better in summer than an ice cream,right? Especially if that ice cream is your favorite cocktail. Belive us, everyone will be delighted with this idea. You can do alcoholic or non-alcoholic version so that children can also enyoy. All you need is lime, fresh mint, water and sugar, and of course if you want alcoholic, then you will need rum. Decorate your Ice-cream with grated lime and it will look amazing. You can found recipe here:

Mojito Ice Pops

Mojito Ice Pops flouronmyface >

Mason Jar- lights

We adore fairy lights, and not just in the winter and during Christmas, we love them all year round. They give something special to every place. Romantic, enjoyable and relaxed atmosphere. You can make that feeling on your wedding day too. How? Piece of cake! All you need is fairy lights and manson jars. If you have solar lamps this diy will be even easier. How to make them,check out on the website:

5 Amazing DIY Wedding Decorations Ideas Anyone Can Make

Mason Jar- lights madincrafts >

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