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  • Smart Ways To Accessorize Your Wedding Dress

    Please join us as we explore the joy of planning for the ideal wedding, enthralled in utter bliss and tears of joy of all days on this day; as a bride, we know how significant, crucial, and special it is to be you. Lucky you, the bride of the century, the future Mr.’s to be.
  • How to Find the Right Prom Dress? Prom Dresses Trends 2023

    Choosing a prom dress is always a very difficult task, especially for a teenage girl.
  • 4 Tips on How You Can Decide What to Wear on Your First Date

    A survey of more than 80,000 people shows that wardrobe issues are one of the things that people fear the most on their first dates. And if these people are not comfortable or confident with what they are wearing, there is a high chance that the date might not go well.
  • 8 Best Lace Wholesale Wedding Dresses for Sophisticated Bride, Starting at $60

    Lace wedding dresses are among the most popular models. 
  • 11 Details That Will Make Your Wedding Outfit Breathtaking

    But, when you do find a perfect wedding dress, then it's time to think about the whole outfit.
  • 18 Modern Engagement Rings For Minimalist Bride

    Bride And Groom Captured By Wasio Photography< > Have you seen our wedding dresses collection? It is easy to buy online, and even easier to wear . You only get to wear an engagement ring once in your life, so picking the perfect one is of great importance. When choosing the ring, it is important to put style, stone and materials in consideration....
  • 4 creative exchange wedding ring approaches

    Exchanging ring is an important part of the wedding ceremony that most couples have to hold. The new couple will have their own ring on each other's ring finger, which is a wedding etiquette also has a certain significance. Nowadays, the One-size-fits-all-ring approach has failed to meet the demands of young modern newcomers, more and more young people have new ideas for exchanging...
  • Gloves are medieval token of promise and synonymous with wedding

    In the middle ages, the groom sent gloves to his sweetheart to marry him. If she wears that glove when she goes to church on Sunday, it means the bride has agreed to marry the groom. Gloves can add elegance and solemnity to the bride, making the wedding more sacred and ritual.
  • 4 processes of custom wedding ring the bride must see

    More and more fashionable and personality couples choose custom wedding rings. Large jewelry brands have their own custom wedding ring styles, some jewelry personal designers also launch their own custom styles. What do you need to pay attention to in the process of wedding ring customization?
  • 7 types impossibly pretty bouquets for your wedding

    There are a lot of places to use flowers at weddings. Different flower meaning is different. When you choosing flowers, in addition to consider the beauty, you also should notice the budget and floral representation. Whether you are hosting a ballroom bash, an outdoor rustic celebration, or a city-chic affair, flowers are necessary for all weddings. Here are 7 types flowers you will...
  • 7 Tips for you to have an outdoor wedding

    If you want to decorate your outdoor wedding with enough romance and attract the attention of your guests, you will have to spend more time thinking about decoration. Let's see how to create a romantic outdoor wedding. Take a look at our beautiful wedding dress collection, and pick the right one for you. fall wedding 1. Wedding cake Don't choose a complicated cake...
  • 3 reasons for you to have a small and warm wedding

    A warm and sweet little wedding is a very popular pattern for modern newcomers. From recent years of popular backyard weddings to a private celebration of 30 people, the closest friends wedding will allow newcomers to get married easily and enjoy the time with each other. You don't have to worry about embarrassment at a big day. The closest friends will witness you...
  • 5 tips for you to choose wedding shoes

    Choosing perfect wedding shoes can be a big challenge. Beauty and comfort are the brides 'demands for wedding shoes. Be sure to have a pair of comfy shoes for you to walk around and dance at the wedding. Now that you've chosen your wedding dress and shoes, it is a perfect time for choosing flower girl dresses. Check out our new collection.  ...
  • 4 Pretty Flower Girl Hairstyles for you to Choose From

    The most beautiful figure in the wedding is the little flower girl. You can't imagine that flower girls play an equally important role at the wedding. The young, lovely girls lead the bride into the aisle and dump the basket of flowers at one side. So how are you going to dress up your little flower girl? I collected 4 different flower girl...
  • 7 Kinds of Wedding Veils You Will Fall in Love With

    According to the length, the bride's veil can be pided into 7 types. Our new collection has dresses that will match your veil perfectly.   1. Birdcage veil This is the shortest veil and is absolutely zero hassle. It is very popular in the past few years, the brides cover the face with the veil give people unlimited mystery. birdcage veil birdcage veils...
  • 27 baby headbands for flower girls in wedding or formal parties

    Flower girl's headbands play a significant role in wedding. Colorful headbands add a lot of festive happiness to the wedding. I collected 27 different headbands that can be used for wedding or party. Complete the look with our cute flower girl dresses! Our new collection is out now! baby headband baby headband baby headband hair clip bows baby crown headband shabby flower barefoot...
  • Top 6 Most Beautiful Ties Perfect For A Fall Wedding

    Black Tie > Have you already found the perfect suit for your wedding day? If the answer is yes, now it is a perfect time to add finishing touches with elegant tie. Did you know that the tie, originates from the Croats? At the beginning, the Croatian soldiers wore a unique scarf around the neck, and that scarf was named after them,...
  • 7 Gorgeous Bouquets for your Fall Wedding

    Weddings in fall are so magical. Imagine beautiful colorful carpet of leaves, romantic isn`t it? In our last article we talked about stunning wedding dresses for fall, but this one we dedicate to wedding bouquets. How to choose the right bouquet and make the most of it? Stay tuned. You'll love our collection of autumn wedding dresses that are ultra pretty and perfect...
  • Top 7 Amazing Flower Ideas For Wedding In August

    Flowers play a big part at weddings, and it is very important to choose the right ones. And it's not only about their colors or type, but how will they fit in the space. It is also important to pick the ones that are in season, so you don't have to spend a lot more than usual. If you are not sure about...
  • Summer's Top 6 Trends You Can Wear At Your Wedding

    Sometimes you can make your wedding unique and different just by following the latest fashion trends. Yes, trends! From amazing choker, cute and romantic ruffles, to the slip dress and sexy lace up sandals. Here is the list of the best summer trends in 2016 that you can wear on your wedding too. Stay tuned. Find a perfect wedding veil to complete your...
  • 5 Rules For Choosing The Right Bridal Jewelry

    You have searched and searched, browsed every website and looked through every shop's window, and finally found your perfect wedding dress, now it is time to choose the right accessories. From simple ones to the chic and unusual, the choice is pretty huge. How to choose perfect jewelry without looking like Snoop Dogg? Just follow these 5 simple rules, and you will left...
  • 5 Beautiful Celebrity Wedding Tiaras To Get Inspired By

    You have an ideal wedding dress that fits your body and taste perfectly. Shoes and make up are ready, but something is missing to make it complete. What about tiaras? Times when they were reserved only for royal weddings had passed, so if we can't picture a princess on her wedding without a tiara, why wouldn't you become one on your wedding day?...
  • 4 Tips On Choosing The Perfect Engagement Ring

    How to choose the right engagement ring? Does she like classic or big and flashy rings? This are the questions that most of the guys ask themselves. Engagement ring is not just a ring, it is a symbol of love, commitment and fidelity. With this little piece of jewelry starts the new chapter of your life. So you should choose carefully. The tradition...