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5 Rules For Choosing The Right Bridal Jewelry

Posted on by Arya Miller

You have searched and searched, browsed every website and looked through every shop's window, and finally found your perfect wedding dress, now it is time to choose the right accessories. From simple ones to the chic and unusual, the choice is pretty huge. How to choose perfect jewelry without looking like Snoop Dogg? Just follow these 5 simple rules, and you will left your guests and your groom speechless. Turn your dreams into reality with our new Bridal Collection.

wedding dress

1. Keep it simple – Don`t overdo.

First, and the most important rule is - don`t overdo with your accessories, your dress is the main focus. This is the biggest mistake that you as a bride can make. You could go through so many magazines and through so many styles, and end up with a veil, tiara, and necklace. You won't be needing all of that. Choose simple and elegant pieces to compliment your grown, not to overshadow it.

2. Match the jewelry with your dress

If your wedding dress is simple, try wearing unusual and unique statement necklace, or for more dramatic look, opt for an updo and add a pair of bold earrings. For brides that choose tulle wedding dress, or dress with a lot of lace, choose simple, minimal pieces to compliment it. You do not want to take the spotlight from lace. A pair of drop earrings or small studs with geometric designs will look amazing. And the best thing about it, they aren`t so heavy and they will not hurt your ears.

Simple drop earrings

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3. You don`t need a watch

It is your wedding day, and the last thing that you need is your watch. There are so many elegant things that will look better around your wrist, than a watch. Choose subtle simple bracelet, it will look amazing. Besides, it is you wedding, time stops for you, and if it's really necessary, someone will already tell you the time.

Delicate Gold Bracelet

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4. Find the jewelry that complements your face shape

First step, you must identify what face shape you have. If your face is oval, you are a lucky one, because any jewelry will look great on you. From drop earrings, hoop earrings, studs to the chandelier triangle ones, you can`t go wrong. If earrings aren`t your thing you can choose collar or choker.

If your face is round, try to choose longer necklaces or long earrings like drops, chandelier or dangles, this will look great on you.

Do you have a heart shape face? Than you should choose hoops, triangles or teardrops earrings. Avoid small earrings like studs. If your choice is necklaces, then you should choose choker or short necklaces it will balance your wider areas.

And last, for square face drop earrings, hoops or long necklaces will look amazing on you.

Crystal Wedding necklace

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5. Choose the right color of your jewelry

If your gown is white then choose elegant and glamorous pearls or silver. Gold jewelry will look best with ivory wedding gown, because it will highlight your gown in the best way possible. Gold jewelry also goes well with champagne wedding dresses.

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flower girl dress