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  • Best 10 Light and Airy Wedding Dress for Beach Wedding

    Simply put, beach weddings are super romantic. Just imagine the sand, the ocean, shells, candles...
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    Sometimes it's hard to find a wedding dress for every body type, but, believe us, the right one does exist.
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    Inspired by the ocean, treasures from the sea, sandy beaches, and boats, this theme is perfect for a classic couple with timeless, elegant style.
  • How to Plan Nautical-Themed Wedding on a Budget

    For the last few years, it has become very important for the newlyweds that their wedding has a theme. Which means that everything from cake, invitations and decorations should follow a specific theme that the happy couple have picked. This way, the whole story of wedding is well rounded and everything looks perfect to the very last detail. It's important to strive for...
  • 18 Indie Lace Wedding Dresses Perfect for a Bohemian Beach Wedding

    Indie wedding is a perfect place to let your imagination run wild, a place where you can get out of the box, move away from traditions, and put your own stamp to your big day. Everything is possible. And we mean literally everything! From the dog as a ring bearer (is there anything cuter than that?!), donuts instead of wedding cake, to the...
  • 21 Bohemian Flower Girls Dresses Perfect for Summer Beach Wedding

    Is there a better place to say "I do" then a relaxing and romantic beach? Wearing a gorgeous flowy wedding dress, feeling the sand between your toes, cool ocean breeze and gorgeous sunset in the distance. How romantic and beautiful it is! This is the biggest reason why most of the couples opt for beach as their wedding venue. You'll definitely want to...
  • 6 tips for making a glamorous seaside wedding

    beach wedding With long coastline, white sandy beaches and lush gardens, romantic sunset and exquisite turquoise waters. A beautiful beach wedding is the choice of the romantic brides, here's a look at the beach wedding. Find the perfect white gown for your sandy ceremony, check out our new wedding dress collection! lucky in love 1. Schedule Although there is no certainty that it...
  • 6 cheap wedding dresses: here's what you should know

    Whether you having enough money or not finding a cheap wedding dress doesn't have to lower your expectations. On the contrary, some cheap wedding dresses and expensive wedding dresses have no distinct differences in style and quality. So polish your eyes and follow me to find the cheap but fine wedding dresses. Check out our collection of wedding dresses under 300 dollars, you...
  • The 8 Beautiful Wedding Dresses For Your Beach Wedding

    Saying "I do" on a perfect private sand beach, is probably the most magical spot to exchange vows with your better half. Clear blue sky, beautiful ocean in the background, your family and your friends. Imagine how perfect your wedding photos would look like. But first, and the most important, your wedding dress. Browse our collection of the most stunning beach wedding dresses...
  • 9 Fun And Unique Ideas For Perfect Beach Wedding

    Dreaming for a perfect outdoor wedding? Birds chirping, waves splashing, shells that, when you put them on your ear can hear the ocean, sand under your feet, the sun that envelops us with his magic rays and at night, romantic stars. Could we wish for anything more? Beauty of the nature will certainly brighten up any wedding ceremony, but there’s still so many...
  • Say ‘I do’ at Exotic Wedding Venues with Beaches in US

    Who doesn't dream of a fairy tale wedding with a breath-taking view of powdery white sand beach and crystal clear waves washing ashore? Okay before you continue your day dreaming, it’s time to snap back to reality and work on the most vital piece of your wedding puzzle – the venue! If you are looking for a rad wedding location on the beach,...