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  • Top 5 Bridesmaid Dress Trends for the 2023 Wedding Season

    Every year we get introduced to new trends and we follow them closely. Weddings also have different trends that are important to follow. 
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    If you have already said yes to your dress, now it is the perfect time to choose one for your bridesmaids. Shopping for bridesmaid dresses can be a slightly stressful experience. With a large group of girls who have different styles, shapes and sizes, it can be really hard to find the right one. You'll want to look for a style that's comfortable...
  • 20 Earthly Toned Decor and Food Ideas for a Stylish Fall Garden Wedding

    Did you know that October has officially replaced June as the most popular month to get married? It's easy to see why. Fall weddings are magical!
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    If you have budget limitations about wedding, and consider reducing unnecessary expenditure. This article will help you choose a cheap and high quality bridesmaid dress. These bridesmaid dresses are breathtaking. If you don't know which one to choose, a perfect one awaits in our collection. We all want a custom-made couture number, but you don't want to cause a big financial burden. We...
  • 3 brands introduce you the simple wedding dress you will fall in love with

    The simple wedding style is more and more accepted by the people, the female stars have taken the natural route. Less is more, this article introduces three simple and elegant wedding brand, the bride who is choosing the wedding dress must not miss this article. If you like simple wedding dresses, you're in luck! Our collection has those in abundance. 1. Houghton Houghton's...
  • 5 classic colors for bridesmaid dresses

    Bridesmaids also need to dress up at weddings. This article chooses 5 classic colors of bridesmaid dresses. We love colored bridesmaid dresses. Haven't find a perfect one yet? Then take a look at our collection. 1. Pink Every girl has a pink princess dream, romantic and sweet pink is perfect for unmarried girls. But you should be careful not to choose too bright...
  • 6 Bridesmaid Dress Trends for Magical Fall Wedding

    Autumn is just around the corner, and if you're having a autumn wedding, then we assume that you are in a hurry, under stress and very excited. It is no secret that autumn, unlike summer, has a very unpredictable weather, but you have to admit that the fall colors are something special and captivating. Although we usually pick neutral colors like beige, lavender...
  • 7 Tips For Choosing The Perfect Bridesmaids

    Do you want bridesmaids on your wedding but you don't know how to pick them out,and what roles should they play. You are afraid of fighting about dress designs, colors, make-up and hair styles. Stress, stress, stress. Back in the day, bridesmaids had a role to wear similar dress to bride's and wear a veil to confuse evil spirits. Thank God that the...
  • Princessly spring bridesmaids dresses - minimal or playful?

    photo: CHIC VINTAGE BRIDES Did you watch movie Bridesmaids? Lead actress in the movie is brilliant Kristen Wiig. It is all about wedding, stress and worries about the planning, excitement for the big day and jealousy... it is a mix of emotions. This movie is so hilarious –We couldn`t stop laughing. But it also made us think about how to choose the right...