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Best Wholesale Bridesmaid Dresses Online for Under $150

Posted on by Arya Miller

Are you a bridal shop owner? Are you looking for the best selection of gorgeous,  dresses made from high quality materials and with a modern design? Then you will love this article in which we bring you best dresses under  $150. Pretty ideal, right?


Photo by Oliver Li

Navy Blue Chiffon Wrap Bridesmaid Dress

This gorgeous dress comes in a navy blue color. It is a perfect color if you're looking for darker shades, but not black. This dress a open wrap style, a cut that is very in demand. Neckline with ruffles has a very romantic look, and it will very easy for future brides to combine this dress with other accessories. And that is always a plus, for both you and them.


Price $56.93

Buy it here

Lace Up Black Chiffon Bridesmaid Dress

Of course, black has always been a trendy color. Fans of minimal style always opt for either black or white. Dress is made of chiffon material. It features a halter neckline and a very interesting lace up back. It is a very long and elegant dress, perfect both summer and winter weddings.

black dress

Price $54.59

Buy it here 

Peach  Lace Short Dress

Can it get more classic and traditional than peach color and lace? No! Peach has always been a favorite color for bridesmaid dresses. This dress is made from high quality lace and features a quite interesting sweetheart cut. And we don't even need to mention how cut it is this short. Short dresses have been very modern and trendy for the last few years, and women really like them. Simple, yet gorgeous dress will cater to all tastes. Also, it has a very low and wide open back with a big traditional bow. Too cute!


Price $99

Buy it here  

Ombre Long Dress

This dress is truly breathtaking. Its main feature is an ombre effect in combination of purple, eggplant all the way to neutral beige shades. It is such a beautiful  dress that it could be worn at the Oscars. It is a single shoulder, which is very modern, and it has a flow chiffon skirt, which bridesmaids will appreciate. Because of that skirt, dress is very light and perfect for dancing. Another thing that makes this dress perfect for bridesmaids is that ombre pattern, because it doesn't require other accessories. And that comes in quite handy, right?


Price $77.22

Buy  it here  

Strapless Sweetheart Blue Chiffon Long Bridesmaid Dress

This dress reminds uf of golden age of Hollywood, something that Grace Kelly would have worn, don't you think? At a first glance, very simple, but quite gorgeous. This dress is made from chiffon with a soft satin lining. It also features beautiful and refined ruffles, as well as beads for additional glow. Dress comes in a gorgeous gentle blue color, and is strapless. Simply put, it is perfect. It would ideal to combine this dress with silver accessories, and we also have to mention that this cut look great on everyone.



Buy it here

Wine Red Burgundy Chiffon Bridesmaid Dress

As winter is approaching, this color comes into the fore. Gorgeous design and a very classical style. This lavish dress is ideal for any body type. Amazing wine color, looks even better with its sweetheart neckline. We also need to mention that it has a beautiful hand made belt. This dress is very long and features a lovely detail on the back.

red dress

Price $124

Buy it here