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7 Affordable Wholesale Flower Girl Dresses 2022 for Toddlers

Posted on by Arya Miller

Planning a wedding can be quite stressful. Brides have to choose a wedding dress, bridesmaid dresses and flower girls dresses. And let's not forget about the other wedding details, too. Most of the newlyweds have a limited budget for their wedding, and it is very important for them to stay within its limits. Wholesale can be very helpful here. If dresses are sold wholesale, then the prices are significantly lower, which is great news for the bride, groom and their budget.


Photo: Juan Pablo

Ivory Lace Satin High Neck

This dress is made from ivory lace combined with satin. Satin and lace together give out a very elegant and expensive look. The dress has a somewhat unusual design which many brides will like. The leeves are long, which is also ideal for colder weather.

ivory dress

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Ivory Lace with Short Sleeves

This gorgeous traditional style of dress is a quite a common choice. It is made of extremely high quality lace. Short sleeves on this beautiful dress will look phenomenal on little girls. Ivory is a perfect color, which is also a very common choice.

beautiful dress

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Burgundy Sequin dress

Just take a look at this dress, how much fund does it look!? Red color and sequins are perfect for festival season. Newlyweds usually opt for Christmas or New Year when choosing a date for their winter wedding. And because of that, this dress is a perfect choice. And we mustn't forget velvet. This material has a very rich look, gives out a lavish and warm feeling, because of that, is it mostly worn during winter. We will see a lot of it at the start and finish of 2022.

red dress

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Gray dress

This dress is made from high quality material, tulle sprinkled with glitter. Your flower girls will absolutely love it. Dress has spaghetti straps, additionally decorated with flowers. These dresses will be a hit during the 2022 during the all of its seasons. 

gray dress

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Simple White

This is a very traditional and minimal choice. These dresses have been around for years, and have been quite popular. High quality materials, lace, satin and tulle all put together in a gorgeous minimal style. What makes this dress stand out are delicate lace appliques with 3d flowers and beads. A true fairytale look.

White dress

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Pink and Silver

This dress is made from high quality fabric. It features a very popular V back and a tulle skirt. At the same time modern, but also fairytale look. These dresses are loved among brides because of their sweet looks and because they are easily combined with other details and accessories. Another unusual detail on this dress are puffy cap sleeves, which totally give out a princess vibe. We also have to mention that the dress has a lot of glitter, which is always a plus.

pink dress

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Black Lace Tulle

Although black is wasn't quite popular at weddings, we can see that in the last few years it climbed all the way to third place. Minimal, elegant and refined are what you get with this color. The combination of black and mauve look quite elegant and romantic. The dress is made of lace and tulle, which is a very nice combination, and it achieves a perfect balance between romantic and elegant style.

black dress

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