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6 Bridesmaid Dress Trends for Magical Fall Wedding

Posted on by Arya Miller

Autumn is just around the corner, and if you're having a autumn wedding, then we assume that you are in a hurry, under stress and very excited. It is no secret that autumn, unlike summer, has a very unpredictable weather, but you have to admit that the fall colors are something special and captivating. Although we usually pick neutral colors like beige, lavender or peach for our bridesmaids dresses, for this fall we recommend something completely different. Warm colors like orange, yellow or dark red will blend in perfectly with autumn environment. Check out what dresses we picked below.

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bridesmaid dresses

Color wine

Color wine has always been a shade that fits perfectly on anyone. Elegant, attractive and sexy. We recommend wearing gold jewelry with this dress, it will give more emphasis. We picked a long dress made out of chiffon with beautiful sweetheart neckline which will bring more attention to the decolletage. If you look this dress from behind, you will see two beautiful straps and bare back. In this delightful dress every bridesmaid will look stunning.

Wine Red Bridesmaid Dress

Wine Red Bridesmaid Dress Princessly>


Metallic dresses and accessories are this fall's and winter's big hit. In case you are a fan of it, you can have it on your bridesmaids outfit as well. Metallic dresses don't need much, simple earrings and shoes will be enough. This splendid long metallic dress in rose gold color reminds us remarkably of leaves. Dress has a simple cut, like the ones from the golden age of Hollywood, the ones that Grace Kelly would wear. Complete the outfit with a light bun, minimal make up and dark red lipstick.

Metallic Bridesmaid dress

Metallic Bridesmaid dress Etsy>


Ombre was the ultimate hair coloring trend a few years back, then it came to manicure and then in clothing. We wanted to apply this trend to bridesmaids dress. With it's beautifully flown brown-beige gradient, this dress radiates with elegance. It reminds us of single shoulder strapped greek type of dresses, which are adorned till this day. Waist is highlighted with a band that is tied in a light bow. Combine this dress with a neutral make up, gold shoes and jewelry.

Ombre Bridesmaid Dress

Ombre Bridesmaid Dress Princessly>


Coral is an ideal color for autumn weddings. This time we didn't picked out a long, but a short cocktail dress. It is handmade, with a quite romantic upper part, and a light and playful lower part. Band tied in a bow puts emphasis on the waist. We recommend to pair this dress up with nude color shoes, loose hair and neutral make up.

Coral Bridesmaid Dress

Coral Bridesmaid Dress Etsy>


Bright red is our personal favorite. Along with being fun, with correctly picked dress, it can look really sophisticated too. We recommend dress from the brand Pronovias . A beautiful short dress made entirely out of lace will take everyone's breath away. It has elbow-lenght sleeves with scalloped edge, all in beautiful warm red color. With this dress your bridesmaids won't need much. With beautifully curled hair and bouquets, they will look stunning.

Red Bridesmaid Dress

Red Bridesmaid Dress>


If you love vintage dresses, this one is perfect for your bridesmaids. upper part is made out of crochet lace inspired with times of old. The lower part, on the other hand is complete opposite, made out of tully fabric. Dress looks super fun in it's beautiful yellow color. With this dress, let your bridesmaids have lightly curled hair tied in a pony tail, with minimal make up and lightly pink lipstick. We recommend nude color shoes.

Yellow Bridesmaid Dress

Yellow Bridesmaid Dress Princessly>

Bridesmaid dresses are ideal when in colors. And we have a perfect new collection.