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7 Tips For Choosing The Perfect Bridesmaids

Posted on by Arya Miller

Do you want bridesmaids on your wedding but you don't know how to pick them out,and what roles should they play. You are afraid of fighting about dress designs, colors, make-up and hair styles. Stress, stress, stress. Back in the day, bridesmaids had a role to wear similar dress to bride's and wear a veil to confuse evil spirits. Thank God that the times have changed, we still have bridesmaids, but in much better circumstances. They are here to help you with everything and to enjoy together in your most important day. Still searching for the perfect bridesmaid dresses for your wedding? Check out our collection of bridesmaid dresses under $100 here

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1.Determine The Number And The Role Of Bridesmaids

Beautiful Bridesmaids dress


First of, the most important thing is to decide on the number of the bridesmaids. In case you're having a small wedding, you should also have a smaller bridesmaids count, and if you're having a big wedding, you can have more bridesmaids. It's essential that the bridesmaids are your close friends or relatives, they will be there for you, and you can be sure that they will do anything to make your big day easier. To avoid unpleasant situations, make sure to assign them roles at the very beginning. Let one be in charge of your dress, one for the bouquet, one for the music...This way, everyone will have it's role, and will feel useful.

2. Dresses And Details

Bridesmaids tips


It is a custom for bridesmaids to wear the same dresses. In case your bridesmaids are not the same body type (which will most likely be the case), pick out the same material and let every dress be custom made to fit each one's figure. If it's not important for you that the bridesmaids have the same dresses, you could all make a deal, or just let them choose what will they wear. Sometimes, things can go overboard with the jewelry, so advise your bridesmaids to choose minimal jewelry, to ensure there is no exaggeration.

3. Bouquets

bridesmaids tips


Bridesmaids should all have the same bouquets that are smaller than yours. Also, for the harmony and the theme, make sure that their bouquets match yours in color of he flowers.

4. Veil

bridesmaids tips


Do you remember Kate Middleton's wedding and her sister Pippa who relentlessly made sure that Kate's veil is on point? Veil, especially if long and not fixed right, can look ugly, so ask one of the bridesmaids to watch the veil and make sure that everything is okay with it.

5. Organizing A Bachelorette Party

bridesmaids tips


One of the most sacred and probably most fun tasks are organizing a bachelorette party. You should let he bridesmaids take care of that. The ideas are many; from partying in Las Vegas to a spa weekend. But, whatever you do, you are guaranteed to have blast!

6. Helping The Guests

Bridal shower


Your bridesmaids will know all the details and works about your wedding day, so they will be perfect to help the guests to their sitting place, or anything else needed.

7. Gifts

Bridesmaid gifts


And in the end, make sure your bridesmaids receive a present from you as a sign of your gratitude for their help and support. It doesn't have to be big and expensive gifts, a small one will do, trust us. If you love DIY, you can make them gifts yourself, or you could go for traditional jewelry, matching pajamas, or a bottle of champagne. The most important thing is that they know you appreciate their help and friendship.

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