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How to Choose Bridesmaid Dresses for Beach Wedding (5 Tips!)

Posted on by Arya Miller

Looking for the perfect dresses for your bridal squad? We are here to help! There are certain things to consider when buying a bridesmaid dress, especially when it comes to a beach wedding. From length, colors, materials and the list goes on… As a bride-to-be, you want your bridesmaids to feel comfortable, and to love what they are wearing, right?

So, here are the top 5 tips on how to choose bridesmaid dresses, and ensure your beach wedding goes perfectly.


1. What Colors Look Best for Beach Wedding?

Let's start first with colors. Do you want dresses to match the beach scenery or do you want to add contrast to your beach wedding? If you want dresses that will blend in well with the blues of the sea, opt for colors like sky blue, mint green, or turquoise. These colors will sure give that natural vibe and perfectly complement the blue ocean backdrop.

On the other hand, if you want bold and colorful dresses for your bridesmaids, dusty rose, burgundy, or navy blue will look amazing. You can also consider multiple bridesmaid dress colors. It is a huge trend right now.

2. The Best Material for a Beach Bridesmaid Dresses

The most important thing to keep in mind when shopping for a bridesmaid dress for a beach wedding is definitely fabrics. Opt for lightweight, airy fabrics that will keep your besties cool in warm temperatures.   

Your girls definitely don't want sweat marks on their gowns. Materials like satin, chiffon, linen and cotton are ideal for beach weddings.

Avoid stiff fabrics, and stay away from extremely delicate materials and heavy beading.

3. Length of the Dresses

What is the best length for the bridesmaid dresses? Well, when it comes to the length of the dresses, shorter dresses are always a better choice. In that way, you'll avoid the hemline from getting dragged in the sand. You can also opt for asymmetrical dresses or tea-length dresses.

4. What About Footwear?

Don't forget about the footwear! A pair of sandals or espadrilles will look cute for a beach wedding. You can also opt for a bare feet option.

5. Order Online

Bridesmaids' dresses can be a bit pricey, and cost over $350. So if you want to help your bridesmaids with the expenses, consider budget-friendly alternatives and shop online! Online shops often offer discount codes, so you can get beautiful dresses for less $$$.

Princessly and Misdress feature a wide range of stylish bridesmaid dresses in lightweight and comfortable fabrics such as chiffon, organza, satin, and tulle. Dresses come in strapless, sleeveless, and long and short styles, in a price range from $54 - $260.

Here are our top-selling bridesmaid beach dresses:

For the minimalist queens!

Priced at around $112, this dress is perfect for a formal beach ceremony. It is made of chiffon fabric, and it features a cowl neckline, wrap skirt in floor length, and sheath/column silhouette.



Simple and Elegant

Simple and elegant, this A-line dress will fit any style, size, and body shape. Best of all, it is available in over 30 different colors! Yes, 30!

pink dresses


Summer Feel

This off-the-shoulder dress taps into the top color trends of 2022 and offer that romantic summery vibe.

blue dresses


Perfect for Beach Weddings

When in doubt, go for a universal A-line dress!. It comes in sizes from US 0 to US 26W.

How to Choose Bridesmaid Dresses for Beach Wedding (5 Tips!)


Modern and Fun

A chic and statement choice, this dress will solve all your bridesmaid woes. With over 50 different colors available, it will suit every wedding color scheme. Price $112.