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What to Wear to Homecoming? 10 Ways to Stand Out

Posted on by Arya Miller

 ''What to wear to the homecoming dance?'' – You probably asked this question so many times. The homecoming dance is definitely one of the most important events of the school year, so we totally get you. Every girl, woman wants to look good, feel beautiful and stand out from the crowd, right? But sometimes, it is really easy to get lost in all the dress choices that stores offer. The key when shopping for a homecoming dance dress, is to find the style that will flatter your body and your personality. To help you in your search, we've made a list of the top 10 trendy dress styles in which you will definitely stand out, and get those wows!

1. Sequins

If you are not quite sure what dress to wear, and what style is perfect for you, sequins are always a top option. Sequins and dance are a winning combo - you just can't go wrong with this type of dress! It looks good on any body shape, it is easy to style, and it is a statement piece, should we say more? We love how sequins add instant glamour, all you need is nude, white, or black heels and you are ready.

homecoming dress

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2. Bold Colors

How to achieve an eye-catching look? Wear neon colors! This 90s trend is back, and it looks better than ever. Designers such as Balenciaga, Jacquemus, and Versace introduced this color palette on their catwalks, and we have to admit, we were in love! Also, so many stars hop on this neon train trend, such as Kendall Jenner, Billie Eilish, Rihanna, and the list goes on. If you choose a neon dress for the homecoming dance, make sure the rest of the outfit is clean and polished, as this color is a statement for itself.

yellow dress

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3. Prints

For those with a playful and eclectic style, on-trend print dresses are a way to go. Let's start first with tie-dye, we could see this print a lot in 2021 on almost everything, and according to many stores' offers, it's not going to disappear so quickly. We definitely love it! It looks really cool and refreshing. For those who love romantic styles, floral print dresses are definitely for you. And we can't forget the super popular checkerboard print! Complete the look with strappy sandals.

floral print dress

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4. Show Some Skin

When it comes to homecoming, there is usually a dress code to follow. And in most of them, see-through dresses are not allowed. But that doesn't mean you can't show just a hint of skin. You can opt for a dress with an illusion neckline, or backless dress, or maybe a dress with a sheer bodice. It is a perfect way to add a bit of sensuality to your look.

polka dot dress

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5. Romantic Embroidery

Embroidered dresses will never go out of style. They have that elegant, yet luxurious vibe.  Not to mention that they are super romantic! You can opt for dresses with bold patterns or with small details like flowers or butterflies. Keep the rest of the outfit simple.

homecoming dress

Romantic Blue Dress SHOP HERE

6. Satin Slip Dress

Another 90s trend, that we absolutely love –slip dresses! These dresses are perfect for any event and look good on any body shape. You have probably seen so many it-girls on Instagram in this type of dress. Slip-satin dresses are elegant, flattering, and sexy… everything any girl searches for in a dress. You can wear a slip dress with sandals, or sneakers. With a blazer or a denim jacket.

slip dress

Pink Slip Dress SHOP HERE

7. Asymmetrical Dress

Searching for something unique, and unusual? How about the asymmetrical dress? These types of dresses create interesting lines which have a slimming and elongating effect, which is perfect for petite girls. You can also opt for dresses with mismatched sleeves, or with a one-shoulder strap.

black dress

Asymmetrical Dress SHOP HERE

8. All black

Don't like the colors? Or the prints? Then a black dress is perfect for you. You can play with the cut of the dress, to make the outfit more interesting. Off-the-shoulder dresses are super trendy right now, you can also go for a lace long sleeve dress, which is always a great option. Complete the look with statement heels and jewelry.

homecoming dress

Black Dress SHOP HERE

9. Tulle

If you want to look and feel like a Belle of the ball then tulle dresses are the perfect choice for you. These incredibly romantic dresses are always on trend. And we totally understand why! Not only do they look like they are from a fairytale, but also are perfect for dancing and that Cinderella moment. We love tulle dresses in pastel colors. Pair them with nude heels and the clutch in the same color. Complete the look with gold jewelry.

Tulle dress

Pink Tulle Dress SHOP HERE

10. Feathers

When we talk about standing out from the crowd, we can't imagine a better way to do that, than in a feather dress. Feathers in fashion are nothing new, Marie Antoinette was known for wearing them in her hair in the 1700s! And one look at the golden era glamour, and you will be in love! Today's options are fresh and colorful. You can go for a feather mini dress or if you are searching for something simpler, go for a dress with just a strand of feather trim on the bodice. Feather dress will make an impact, trust us! Complete the look with simple sandals and a clutch bag.

homecoming dance dress

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Dos and Don'ts for HOCO Night

  • Don't wear floor-length dresses. The homecoming dance is not a prom. Opt for a short dress or tea-length dress.
  • Consider the weather. If it's chilly, opt for a dress with long sleeves and wear tights.
  • Jeans are a big NO! This is a semi-formal event, and you really should not come in a simple pair of jeans and a t-shirt.
  • You don't feel comfortable wearing high heels? Then simply avoid them, if you don't want to look silly on the dance floor. Instead, opt for ballet flats or kitten heels, they are cute, stylish, and comfy.