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5 Amazing Summer Wedding Cake Ideas

Posted on by Arya Miller

Do you like cookies and cakes? We adore them. And we don't mean by just adoring them in a kind of a platonic way, we meant that in a „we have to have a dessert every single day“ way. To pick out a wedding cake can be a complicated and difficult task. It is hard to match the taste of every single guest. We decided to write an article that could help you out and picked out 5 cakes that could make everyone happy. For your summer wedding, check out our wedding dresses, bridesmaid dresses and flower girl dresses.

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Chocolate cake

Chocolate Wedding Cake

Chocolate Wedding Cake Colin Cowie weddings>

Let's be honest, who doesn't like chocolate? We are sure that someone like this doesn't exist. A chocolate cake is a complete hit for kids and grown-ups alike. Simplicity goes well with this cake, just make sure that the chocolate used for it is top quality and you're guaranteed that it will be gone in mere seconds! If you wedding guests are all grown ups, don't hesitate to put a little rum in it, it will make this great cake even more delicious. If your wedding is held during summer, it would be great to serve some ice cream aside, and if it's held during winter, your chilled chocolate cake will go great with warm fruit topping. Sounds really yummy, right? As for the decorating, a simple chocolate cake can look spectacular. You can go with a chocolate net, or white flowers, it will look really romantic, and a black and white combination will add a touch of elegance to it.

Fruit cake

Fruit Wedding Cake

Fruit Wedding Cake the bridal detective>

Ok, we know that not everybody likes them, but you've got to admit that during hot summer days, fruit can be a life saver when it comes to refreshing yourself. It is important that the fruit is fresh and seasonal so that your cake can have a full flavour, and it will probably be more healthier than the chocolate one(we are sorry, chocolate cake, we love you). For the last couple of years, cakes that look unfinished have become very popular. If you like that boho and rustical look, make sure that the sponge, cream and fruit layers are visible. Have additional decorations in form of flowers and fruits. If you're up for more traditional look, glaze the cake with cream and decorate it with fruit and chocolate.


Cupcake Wedding Cake

Cupcake Wedding Cake traveller today>

In case you're not a fan of cakes, this is rare, but it still exists, what do you think about pannacotta? Or tiramisu in cups? Desserts in cups can be really cute and practical at open air weddings. Especially during summer, than you can also serve ice cream or fruit in cups. Muffins and cupcakes have quietly made their way to the wedding menus in the last couple of years. Why? Probably because they are too cute, especially when decorated. Make sure that the cups are elegant, and use satin ribbons for them, and wedding cupcakes will look great with flowers and beads served atop of each other.


Cheesecake Wedding Cake

Cheesecake Wedding Cake wedding.persiamag >

If cheesecake is your favorite cake, why not have it on your wedding? A cake that will suprise everybody, and it can look elegant, and you are probably wondering why? Decorate it with flowers or lace. If your cheesecake is with fruit then you should also decorate it with fruits. If its made of chocolate, then decorate it with combining black and white chocolate to add a dose of elegance, along with shimmer.

Lemon sorbet

Lemon Sorbet

Lemon Sorbet b lovely events>

It's a hot summer day, and it's your wedding day. You are probably day dreaming about a ice cold glass of lemonade. Nothing better than that, right? Well, lemon sorbet is better. Light, fresh and perfect for a summer wedding. This cake is best decorated with daisies and/or lemon slices. Cake should be made out of eco lemons, to give it more intense taste. And most important, serve cold.

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