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  • How to Plan Nautical-Themed Wedding on a Budget

    For the last few years, it has become very important for the newlyweds that their wedding has a theme. Which means that everything from cake, invitations and decorations should follow a specific theme that the happy couple have picked. This way, the whole story of wedding is well rounded and everything looks perfect to the very last detail. It's important to strive for...
  • How to Plan Rustic Vintage Wedding on a Budget

    Rustic weddings has never been so popular... every day we see some new and unique projects and inspiration floating around the internet. From the mason jars, stunning arches ( so beautiful – it'll make your jaw drop) to the succulents and wooden slabs. Simple, with a charm and relaxing atmosphere, rustic wedding always incorporates nature-outdoor venues such as old barns, ranch... as well...
  • 16 Tips for Planning European Destination Wedding on a Budget

    Have you always dreamed of getting married in Europe? Well, who could blame you. Full of history, amazing historical sights, landscapes and breathtaking views, this continent really has a lot to offer. Whether you dream of being married in a medieval castle, on Julliet's balcony, in a charming french vineyard or a Tuscan villa, Europe has a plenty of wedding locations fit for...
  • 5 Tips To Choosing The Perfect Wedding Lipstick Shade

    Bridal Makeup > It is important more than ever to have the right shade of lipstick on your wedding. And sometimes it is really hard to choose. You want your lips to look full, tempting and beautiful, right? Choosing the right shade also depends on your face shape, your skin tone and hair color. We could say that every shade matches to...
  • Top 6 Tips For Perfect Las Vegas Wedding

    Tired of traditional weddings, princess dresses and spending huge amounts of money? Have you ever thought about getting married in Las Vegas? Perfect place for adventurers, people who are looking for something different and new. As a global destination of gambling and alcohol, it might seems that Las Vegas is the wrong choice, but this city has a lot to offer. First of...
  • 5 Rules For Choosing The Right Bridal Jewelry

    You have searched and searched, browsed every website and looked through every shop's window, and finally found your perfect wedding dress, now it is time to choose the right accessories. From simple ones to the chic and unusual, the choice is pretty huge. How to choose perfect jewelry without looking like Snoop Dogg? Just follow these 5 simple rules, and you will left...