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Top 6 Tips For Perfect Las Vegas Wedding

Posted on by Arya Miller

Tired of traditional weddings, princess dresses and spending huge amounts of money? Have you ever thought about getting married in Las Vegas? Perfect place for adventurers, people who are looking for something different and new. As a global destination of gambling and alcohol, it might seems that Las Vegas is the wrong choice, but this city has a lot to offer. First of all, a wedding without the stress, enjoying the benefits of this magical city, and a lot of fun. Where to get married in Las Vegas? Which wedding dress to choose? Stay tuned.

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1. The legalities

Make sure you are both at least 18 years old. You should also bring your valid passport, driver`s license or other government-issued ID card.

If you are not from the United States, find out which documents your country requires to make your marriage legal.

2. Theme

Themed wedding in Las Vegas are absolutely amazing! And there are so many choices. From drive-thru weddings where you can for an added fee drive a beautiful Cadilac to the romantic gondola weddings, underwater weddings and of course Elvis themed weddings, imagine how great your pictures would look like.

Weddings in Vegas can be absolutely stunning, you can get married in a helicopter over the beautiful Grand Canyon or you can have your very own movie wedding, in which you can dress up in your favorite movie character or even superheros. The choice is on you!

Las Vegas, Nevada

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3. The Dress

Temperatures in Las Vegas are extremely high, especially in July, average temperature is about 35 °C, so you should be careful when choosing your wedding dress. Materials should be lightweight and loose. From simple strapless wedding dress to the crop top ones, short with crystals, 70s inspired or even colored ones, this is Vegas so you can choose whatever dress or even a costume you like, we will not judge.

4. Hair and Make up

For the most of the times brides don`t have enough time for a trial, so finding the right beauty and hair salon is crucial. There are so many hair salons, and all main strip hotels will have one. They can also come to your hotel room. Look through forums, read reviews or ask recommendation from your friends and family.

Wedding hairstyle for chic bride

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5. Wedding Witnesses

Do you need witnesses? It may be a quick 5 min wedding, but you will need witnesses. If you are coming alone to Las Vegas with your better half, don`t worry, the chapels have their own professional witnesses.

6. Flowers

These beautiful real to touch calla lily bouquets are of simple elegance and can be one of your bridesmaids to hold on your special day! Bridal bouquets in Vegas can be very expensive, and if your budget isn't that big, we recommend to purchase your bridal bouquets and wedding package from Adored Occasions. They have beautiful flowers for only $50+. These flowers are top quality, they look and feel incredibly real, they will also will last a lifetime!

Wedding bouquet

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What do you think about Las Vegas weddings? Do you want our next article to be about perfect wedding dresses for this kind of wedding? Tell us in the comments below.

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