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Top 7 Amazing Flower Ideas For Wedding In August

Posted on by Arya Miller

Flowers play a big part at weddings, and it is very important to choose the right ones. And it's not only about their colors or type, but how will they fit in the space. It is also important to pick the ones that are in season, so you don't have to spend a lot more than usual. If you are not sure about your choices, we will try to help you. Are you wondering which flower bloom in august? If so, keep on reading.

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Roses bloom almost all year round and they are not the most expensive type of flowers. They are always popular, and they are pretty traditional. Brides love them, and because they are always in bloom, they make the most popular choice. If you'll have a rose bouquet, make sure that the tables are decorated with the same kind, for harmony.

Pink roses

Pink roses art fully wed >


Lilies bloom in late summer, just in time for august weddings. You can find various types that differ in height, size, color and shape. Lilies can be found in practically every color, from completely white, pastel tones of pink and purple, with stripes, dots, orange or red. Which is perfect, because you can fit them in any theme that wedding will have. They are a symbol of endless beauty, happiness and purity.


Flower that represents strength, innocence and friendship, flower that is open even during the night. It is the fifth most favored flower in the world. We have to admit that we don't see it that often on weddings, and to be frank, we don't know why is that. It comes in variety of vibrant colors, ideal for happy summer weddings. It is really easy to grow, so you can event try it yourself.

Orange Gerber Daisies Flower

Orange Gerber Daisies Flower weddingwire >


Another pretty yellow flower perfect for bouquets. Although is not common on weddings, this flower blooms in august, ideal for you to take it into consideration. Also, we think that this flower doesn't need any other flower in the bouquet, it is beautiful on it's own.

Beautiful Daffodils

Beautiful Daffodils project wedding >


Sunflower originates from America (Mexico, Peru). Along with it's seeds that are really healthy, this big bright yellow flower looks great in bouquets. It radiates positive energy, and it will definitely bring that to a wedding. You can have a bouquet made only from sunflowers banded with a cute tape, or you can add some wildflowers to it for boho look. Whatever you choose, it will certainly look great.


This flower was extremely popular in the 90's, and it if often seen on today's weddings as well. Probably because of it's sophisticated flower. It is very durable, so the florist really love it. This beautiful white flower exudes romance, purity and elegance. It also symbolize youth and innocence. Being that the calla is a tall flower, we also recommend that the bouquet is tall. Simple elegant, and sophisticated. If you don't want a single colored bouquet, you can find callas in many different shades, sou you can make a really interesting and vibrant bouquet.

Dark Plum Purple Calla Lilies

Dark Plum Purple Calla Lilies Etsy>


A flower that is adored by modern brides. Hydrangeas have beautiful, rich blooms, they symbolize peace and you can find them in blue, purple, pink and red colors. They will fit in any theme, being at the elegant or rustic wedding. They look perfect on their own.

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