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5 Engagement Party Dresses For Every Style And Budget

Posted on by Arya Miller

You've got engaged? Congratulations! Now you are probably planning an engagement party, and we bet that the dress is your number one concern. What cut to choose, what color, will it be long or medium length? Problems, sweet, sweet problems. Stay tuned, we are bringing you 5 most beautiful dresses to wear for your engagement party. Shop our exclusive collection of formal dresses at a perfect price.

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5 Engagement Party Dresses For Every Style And Budget

Champagne Gold Sequins Dress Princessly>

If you are planning a very elegant and posh party, with lots of canapes, caviar, finest champagne, then it's best to wear a dress in an golden age hollywood pa style. Champagne color is very elegant and sophisticated which makes it just right for this type of party. And on top of it all, it's sparkly, like it's made for parties! Deep V neckline makes it sexy, and very distinct looking. With dress being long and having short sleeves, we recommend wearing a low bun and red lipstick. We are certain that you will leave everyone breathless.


5 Engagement Party Dresses For Every Style And Budget

Lace Blue Taffeta Dress

Middle dresses are fun. If you're having a relaxed party, there is no better dress to wear. It's short, but at the same time very refined. Do you remember movie The Notebook? We are sure that Allie would wore this dress. Dress comes in a beautiful gentle blue color, the top is made of ivory french corded lace and the skirt is made out of blue taffeta. Around the waist is a beautiful big bow which accents your figure. The fun part is in the back in form of the V backline.


5 Engagement Party Dresses For Every Style And Budget

Printed Dress Etsy >

If you are planning on having your engagement celebrated over a dinner with your family and friends, choose a simple dress with an interesting print, we found just the one on Etsy. Dress looks incredibly like a shirt, and has a interesting, but again very elegant print. Dress is long sleeved, and it has a pretty light cut, so we would recommend high heels to put emphasis on your figure. Pink lipstick will give a dose of fun, and have your hair loose or lightly curled. Another great thing about this dress is that you can wear it in a lot more occasions than just your engagement party.


5 Engagement Party Dresses For Every Style And Budget

African Print Dress Etsy>

Short dresses are made for summer parties. All you need to do is to find the right one for you, what do you think about this one? Handmade dress, that reminds us a little of 70's, which is great as the 70s are in style right now. Colors are not complicated, so you will not have any problems styling it. This dress will be perfect to wear at a party with lots of young people where you'll be dancing all night. We recommend dark blue high heels, and a lot of silver bracelets to achieve a very cool look. If it gets cold, you can wear black boots and a leather jacket.

Single shoulder

5 Engagement Party Dresses For Every Style And Budget

One Shoulder Dress Princessly>

A few years ago, single shouldered shirts and dresses were very popular. We liked them too, but one day, they just disappeared. Without a trace. Recently, we started to spot them on the streets, in the shops, and it really made us happy. So why not wear it to your party? They are cool, elegant, and very nice at the same time. So is this dress that we found. It's in light pink color, entirely made of lace, perfect for a summer party and tanned skin. Also, there is white satin bow around the waist, just perfect for a bride to be. With single shoulder dress, there is always a question attached: how to wear a bra? Well, you don't have to worry because this dress has a boning and bra cups for better support.

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