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5 Colorful And Cute Flower Girl Dresses

Posted on by Arya Miller

Finished with organizing the wedding? The only thing left is to choose flower girl's outfit, but, as we wrote before in an article, you don't want her to wear a traditional white dress. We understand you. Besides, it's summer, and it's time for fun colors to shine! Dress your flower girls in them and break the monotony of dull dresses. Where to find those dresses, which colors and materials to choose? Just keep on reading, we got you covered. Check out our flower girl dresses collection and find more choices for them.

flower girl dress

1. Navy Blue

Navy blue combined with white is such a special combination, right? Elegant, chic and classic. We found a dress that is just that. Navy blue with white stripes. We have to admit that it reminds us of that timeless striped top that every woman on the world, especially from Paris, loves. Dress itself is made from satin fabric, and on the waist is a bow with the same color as the stripes (ivory). If you have a beach themed wedding, this dress will fit there perfectly.

Navy Blue Flower Girl Dress

Navy Blue Flower Girl Dress Princessly>

2. Coral

Coral is a perfect summer color. We love it whether is worn by kids or adults, and have to admit that it is our favorite color for summer dresses. We found one of that color. Upper part is made of lace, and lower from tulle fabric.

Great thing about this dress is that the upper and lower part are separated with a satin ribbon placed on the waist, which gives a dose of elegance to this dress, making your little princesses shine. Dress will look great for all kinds of wedding themes, so in case you have a bohemian wedding, decorate their hair with flowers, and for elegant weddings, you can use a golden hair clip which will go great with the color.

Coral Flower Girl Dress

Coral Flower Girl Dress Princessly>

3. Floral

We found this unique dress on Etsy, made by AnnetteGraceDesigns. This handmade dress reminds us of old times, and the cutest child elegancy. Probably because of the most collar ever. Beneath the collar is a unusual and unique embroidery that makes this dress really special. It is buckled from the back, with little white buttons, and a bow, which is a perfect addition. Really cute, right? Dress is made out of cotton, so moms will be pleased. This dress will be perfect for weddings inspired by old times.

Floral Flower Girl Dress

Floral Flower Girl Dress Etsy>

4. Yellow

Is there a color that says summer more than yellow? A beautiful bright yellow dress is just perfect for a summer wedding. If you're having yellow flowers on your wedding, or any other yellow details, have your flower girls wear dresses in that color. Yellow is a cheerful color, making it really fitting for weddings. Being in bright color, it is important not to overdo it with different materials and details. Simple is the key.

This dress is just that, made out of cotton, handmade, and the only detail is a classic bow. If you like it, you can check this dress out on Etsy, by designer sweetwhitepeony2.

Yellow Flower Girl Dress

Yellow Flower Girl Dress Etsy>

5. Purple

Little girls love purple color. Purple is elegant and sophisticated, which makes it perfect for weddings. Having that in mind, it is not unusual to see flower girls or bridesmaids wearing purple. What type of dress to pick for your flower girls? Choose simple, but at the same time, very chic. A dress made out of high quality chiffon fabric decorated with beautiful flowers made out of the same material, will fit the girls superbly.

5 Colorful And Cute Flower Girl Dresses

Purple Flower Girl Dress Princessly>

Which dress is your favorite?

Shop our range of flower girl dresses, made in beautiful designs and fabrics.

5 Colorful And Cute Flower Girl Dresses