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How to Plan Rustic Vintage Wedding on a Budget

Posted on by Arya Miller

Rustic weddings has never been so popular... every day we see some new and unique projects and inspiration floating around the internet. From the mason jars, stunning arches ( so beautiful – it'll make your jaw drop) to the succulents and wooden slabs. Simple, with a charm and relaxing atmosphere, rustic wedding always incorporates nature-outdoor venues such as old barns, ranch... as well as greenery arrangements, and wooden details. You'll definitely want to check out our collections of wedding dresses, bridesmaid dresses and flower girl dresses. With variety of fabrics, colors and styles we are sure you will find something you love.

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rustic wedding

Wedding Unsplash>

Achieving all this it might sound simple, but it is also a long process that requires a lot of money. When it comes to organization of rustic wedding, there are a couple of items that you can safely save on, without losing your love for a particular aesthetic or reducing the performance itself. Check it out below.


rustic wedding

Bride And Groom Captured by Mark Seymour Photography

The most important thing on your list. When it comes to rustic vintage weddings, finding the perfect location is a MUST. What venue you choose can really set the mood for your big day. From the look of the venue, to the size (nothing worse than not having enough room for your guests) to the flexibility of your venue allowing you the liberty to achieve the wedding setting look as you desired. Choosing the wedding venue for rustic wedding has become much easier nowadays with so many venue types to select, from unique barns (here are the best barn wedding venues in UK and Texas), ranches, to the romantic vineyards and even backyards.

rustic wedding

Wedding Venue unsplash>

How to save? As the wedding venue cost can really eat up your budget consider a public park or a garden for your reception. Places that don't typically host weddings, have much lower prices than a well-know wedding venues. And you can end up paying less than $200 for location. Also prices in big cites are usually higher so go outside the city limits to get better deals. You can also be creative, and opt for something more casual for your reception, such as backyard BBQ. Your guests will love it, and you will end up spending less money.


rustic wedding

Invitation <a>

Very little attention is given to them, but when planning a wedding, invitations are among the most important parts. Why do we say that? Well, invitations are your guest's first contact with the wedding. Along with the date and location, you are also informing them of your wedding theme. Rustic vintage weddings are quite simple when it comes to picking out invitations. In the last couple of years, selection of these invitations has notably increased. You can buy them pre made and save some time, or you can get creative and make them on your own. A good time to order or make invitations is right after the engagement, to make sure they will be finished and distributed on time. For a rustic vintage theme is always nice to choose brown paper. We don't know about you, but to us it looks old and just up for the task. Decorate it with an old signet, calligraphy or with a monogram and it will look perfect. It is important to follow the theme of the wedding. If you're going to have a certain dress code, it is polite to mention it in the invitation so your guests can prepare. Pink Champagne Paper has a great invitations if you don't want to make them by yourself. They create fresh, personalized and timeless invitations. You can also get semi custom invitations to make them even more special and your own. Their invitation fit the theme perfectly, rustic, but also vintage. You can choose a lot of types, but we are blown away by Antique Monogram and The Laurel. A perfect design to perfectly fit the theme.


rustic wedding

Wedding Decor Captured by Tierney Photography

We all know that the wedding decorations are scene stealer, this is the first thing that your guests will see, when walking into reception. Also this is probably the only aspect of the wedding where you can apply so many personal touches and bring your creativity to max. The idea of rustic wedding is to incorporate nature and all of it's beauty into your special day. With that in mind, try to use so many wooden elements as you can, and hold on warm earthly tones with shades of brown and green.

rustic wedding

Wedding Decor Captured By Ross Talling Photography

How to save? We love the idea of greeting your guests with chalkboard sings on wedding sentiments or directions. Signs can be painted on wood or other natural materials. There are so many ideas on Pinterest, make sure to check them out. You can't have the rustic wedding without the burlap. It's simple, budget-friendly and it really brings that rustic, nature feel into reception. There is plenty of ways to use it – for table runners, for aisle and chair decor, for centerpieces, even favor wraps. It will add the perfect rustic touch to your wedding. Another great way of saving are mason jars. With their versatile use and distinct vintage style, these little jars are perfect for centerpieces and lighting. You can put beautiful white blooms in jars, and it will look stunning, or you can put fairy lights into the jars and hung them on the trees. It will create such a romantic atmosphere. Best of all they are affordable. Get into some fun, rustic DIY projects and you will save so much money.


How to Plan Rustic Vintage Wedding on a Budget

Guest Book>

Guest books, along with photographs, are the most beautiful and most precious things to remind you of your wedding. It's very important that it follows the wedding's theme, but also special and different, and fun for guests to use them. Classic guest books look like large books or photo albums. Guest leave their impressions, drawings or even photos there. Being that the theme is rustic and vintage, an old globe is a perfect choice. You can find them in various antique stores or at garage sales. Guests can leave their signatures on it. Interesting, right? Or if you want a traditional book, you can go for a different version. What do you think about a wooden book? How more rustic can you get? Book is made out of beech wood and has your names and date engraved. It has 30 pages. You can find it on . Here's another interesting suggestion: a mailbox! Decorated with your names, you can put it on a tree or on a farm door. Leave papers and pencils next to it, and your guests will leave secret messages and their impressions of the wedding in a very fun way.


rustic wedding

Delicious Food Captured by Organic Moments Photography

You may ask yourself what is the perfect food for rustic, vintage wedding? Of course, home-style comfort food or even better, fresh organic produce food from the local farms in the area. It's delicious, and everyone loves it! You can also have food bars. Think old-fashioned biscuit bar with flavored jams or a pie station. Yum! No matter for what food you opt, food bar is perfect for providing different flavors and varieties.... there's something for everyone! How to save? Do a little research, and opt for food that is in-season. Not only it will be at peak quality, but it will also be a lot cheaper than out-of-season food that need to be shipped in. Another great way to save money is to look at non traditional caterers. For example you can opt for food truck as a catering, and it will cost you around $10 per person.


A lot of future brides spend month thinking about their hair style for the big day. To have it in a bun or loose? Although it's important to have a hairstyle fitted to you wishes, it is also important to have it fit your wedding's theme to make everything look flawless. Loose hair with light waves is more fitted to a rustic style, decorated with flowers or a floral crown. Vintage style is different.

rustic wedding

Beautiful Sophisticated Bun Made by Gemma Sutton

Vintage hairstyles are a bit more strict. Curls more defined, so are the buns. Being that you wedding is a mix of two, the best way would be to have a light bun, light curls or vintage waves decorated with small number of flowers. Braids are also a good choice, they are timeless. Our suggestion is the hairstyle made by Gemma Sutton. She lifted the hair in a nice sophisticated bun decorated with a simple hair clip. For make up, we always stick to saying that less is more. A good foundation with lightly accented eyes, and red or nude lipstick will look great. If you're having a satin wedding dress, we recommend red lipstick. It simply looks great in that combination. But, if you opted for lace, light waves and flowers in your hair, a nude shade lipstick will fit you perfectly.


rustic wedding

Flowers pexels>

You can't have a wedding, without a flowers, right? They are one of the most important aspects of decor at every wedding. When we talk about rustic and vintage, it is all about embracing the nature and bring the outside in, making your venue a part of its surroundings. If you ask us, farmhouse flowers are ideal for adding a touch of vintage to your wedding venue. You can opt for traditional country plants such as sunflowers, daisies and daffodils. And it will look amazing. How to save? Opt for local, in-season flowers. Not only you flowers will be fresh, but the stems will be less costly too. You can also choose all year-round flowers like roses or orchids.


rustic wedding

Wedding Decor Captured by ABM Photography

A lot of newlyweds are sort of afraid to choose their wedding music, but it doesn't have to be that hard, right? Main fear is that will the music be liked by all the guests? Will they have fun listening to the music you picked? There are two options: a music band is a more traditional choice, and DJ is somewhat modern choice. The most important thing is that you have a great time, so you should follow your taste and wishes when choosing. It's your wedding after all! Being that the wedding is rustic, a perfect choice would be to have some country music in it. Our suggestions is:


Choosing your wedding cake is definitely the most delicious part of wedding planning. And when it comes to rustic wedding, everything is allowed. From the simple traditional white, to the naked cake with berries, blooms and other nature-inspired details.

rustic wedding

Naked Wedding Cake Made by Carrie's Cakes

How to save?
  • If you have got a friend or family member that is an amazing baker, ask them for help.
  • Decorate your cake with real in-season flowers instead of sugar flowers


rustic wedding

Bride And Groom Captured by Raph Nogal Photography

Wedding Dress Choosing a wedding dress is the hardest decision a bride can make. Because there's sooo much choice. We understand, girls! It's most important to choose the dress according to your body type, but before that think about what kind of dress you want, a how big your budget is. This way you won't be disappointed if you try out a dress you can't afford. Rustic and vintage dresses usually have a lot of lace and beautiful rich satin. You can find them on Etsy or some lesser known designers at great prices. Veil is a must at this type of weddings. You can also borrow a dress from your mom or your grandma, of course, if it fits your style. And accessorize your dress with a large bouquet or classic roses. Groom Attire Choosing a groom's suit is also very important, almost as choosing a bride's dress. It's good to get a little loose when it comes to rustic weddings and pick out a more cheerful and not so traditional suit. Groom can take time a look on Pinterest with her bride to be to find a perfect suit that will fit his needs. Combinations with shirt and matching pants, bow tie and vest, without the jacket are very nice and popular. They are relaxed but elegant at the same time. Also, a very popular accessories are suspenders, and for those braver, hats. Also, in this case, groom can avoid wearing black or gray suit. Or, he can combine it with interesting shirt, for example, with a floral print. You can use vintage photos of grooms as inspiration. TIPS:
  • DON'T GET MARRIED ON A SATURDAY. It's traditional, but also the most expensive. Rather opt for Sunday or Friday, the price will be 50% less.
  • Consider an off-season month, such as November or January, to cut your costs
For more tips on how to save your money, click on this link.

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