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5 Tips To Choosing The Perfect Wedding Lipstick Shade

Posted on by Arya Miller

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It is important more than ever to have the right shade of lipstick on your wedding. And sometimes it is really hard to choose. You want your lips to look full, tempting and beautiful, right? Choosing the right shade also depends on your face shape, your skin tone and hair color. We could say that every shade matches to the other women. And we don`t have to say that the choice is huge... and this really makes the choosing thing even harder. How to find the right shade to your skin tone, undertone, here are few tips and trick. Stay tuned.

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1. Skin tone

If you are fair skin lady, than you should opt for soft pink shades, it will look amazing on you. You can also choose lipstick in a wine red or red shade. For those with olive skin we recommend sandy beige shades. If nude shade isn`t your thing, olive skin is flattered by an orange-red too. Dark skin ladies will want to reach for dark burgundy red shade, or sandy beige.

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2. Lip shape

If you are one of those lucky ones, and have full lips, you don`t have to worry, everything will look great on you. From lip gloss, to the matte lipstick, it is up to you to choose. If you are a thin lip girl, than the lip gloss is your best friend. The shine will make them look even plumper.

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3. Applying the lipstick

First and most important thing is to exfoliate any dry skin. If you don`t have a peeling for lips, you can make it yourself. All you need is honey and 1 tsp of sugar, gently rub your lips, and the result will be amazing. Next step is lining your lips, it will intensify the color, and also make your lips look fuller. Now it is turn for lipstick or lip gloss. Blot in between applications by pressing a tissue to your lips.

Pink Lipstick

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4. Buying the right lipstick

Another important thing when buying your lipstick is knowing your skin`s undertone. It can really help you to choose the makeup that will look perfect on you. There are 3 types of undertones: warm, cold and neutral. How to know which one are you? Check the color of your veins. It maybe sounds a bit crazy but this is the easiest way to discern skin`s undertone. If your veins are blue, then your undertone is cool, and you should choose dark red, purple or nude lipstick shade, if they are green that you have a warm undertone and you should choose soft pink or orange-red.


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5. Illuminator

Contouring and illuminators are quite popular these days. With this technique you can additionally bring up your cheekbones and thin out your face, or shorten it if it's too long. But did you know that if you apply the illuminator on the right spot it can make your lips appear more bigger and fuller? A dab of highlighter will enhance your cupid's bow. You could use a creamy concealer in the same spot to help define your lips.

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