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11 Details That Will Make Your Wedding Outfit Breathtaking

Posted on by Arya Miller

Choosing a wedding dress is certainly the most important moment in every girl's life. This moment is truly special and it takes a lot of time to do it right. Because, finding a perfect dress is not an easy thing to do, don't you agree? But, when you do find a perfect wedding dress, then it's time to think about the whole outfit. Because what is the use of wearing a perfect dress when you don't have the right accessories to go with?


Photo by Castorly Stock

So it is really important to pick out the right accessories that will go best with your wedding dress and will give it that wow factor that we all need for our dress. We can accomplish that with selecting the best fitting accessories. Jewelry, veil, hair embellishments...a lot of details will make sure that you have a perfect wedding look.

Hair Details

Thinking about hair is often the first thing brides start to do. Which style will they have, whether it will be in a bun or free flowing...Yes, this can become quite a long and exhausting process. In the last few years, brides started to opt for hair embellishments. They look quite special, bohemian and romantic. They are worn on loose hair that you curl up a bit. They are very easily applied so you don't even need a hair stylist for it. Embellishments are made with pearls, beads, even crystals, and they will make even the most boring hair into an elegant and unique piece of art.


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Do I need to wear earrings?

This is a question that brides mostly ask their friends about. And the answer is yes! Even if you already have too much details on your wedding dress and think that your earrings will be a touch too much, you're wrong. If your wedding dress is lavish, filled with details and you'll be wearing hair embellishments, then opt for small, subtle earrings. Large, opulent earrings should be picked if your dress is minimal, simple and you won't have other details.


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Wedding Veil

If you love tradition, then you can't imagine your outfit without a veil. In today's time, many brides don't choose to wear this detail, but you should. Veil really makes the whole combination special, romantic and elegant. There are a lot of types of veils out there, so you will be able to find a perfect one for any wedding dress. Whether it's made of lace or tulle.


Photo by Pexels Beautiful bride


If you'll be wearing a wedding dress with sweetheart neckline, then you'll need to wear a necklace, too. That is an acessorie that looks amazing when worn on wedding dress. With it, you will make the whole outfit special, and totally yours. Opt for nice, subtle necklaces that tell a story of their own. Don't overdo it with necklaces from colorful pearls, they won't fit your outfit at all.

You can also choose a set made of necklace and earring, and there is an abundance of beautiful ones out there. With them, you will gorgeously round up the whole outfit and make it flawless. Even a long time ago, sets were basically obligatory part of bridal outfit, you couln't imagine one without them. And this set reminds us of those past times. Romantic roses look really beautiful. Just picture a simple white wedding dress adorned with this set. Truly breathtaking, right?

 11 Details That Will Make Your Wedding Outfit Breathtaking

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11 Details That Will Make Your Wedding Outfit Breathtaking

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Wedding party dresses, yes or no?

Another question that troubles brides all around the world. Do they need another dress along with their wedding dress? The answer is yes. Just imagine a wedding dress made from heavier materials that give out that rich and lavish look. And you as a brdie have to wear it throughout the whole day and night. Choose a nice evening dress that you can change into for your evening party. This way you'll be able to dance and minge with guests without wearing a heavy dress that will make that difficult for you.

beautiful dress

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If you love shoes, then this is one of the most hardest decisions to make. We recommend comfortable shoes in which you'll be able to go throughout the night without any pain or blisters. Brides need to be ready for spending the whole day on their feet. And because of that, you need to carefully select footwear that is comfortable. But, look is also important. White sandals or shoes will be a great choice. If you don't like white, you can opt for nude. Nude will elongate your legs and you'll look more taller.

wedding shoes

Photo by Terje Sollie White Shoes

Want to add more color to your wedding dress?

A lot of women don't prefer all white outfits. They consider them to be minimal and boring. Yes, we understand and there are a couple of ways to fix this.

wedding dress

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Jewelry is definitely a ways to make any outfit yours. Opt for necklace or bracelet with colored crystals. This way you will give your outfit an interesting look and will introduce your favorite color into your all white outfit. Great way to bring jewelry in your outfit is jewerly that means something to you. That can be jewelry that you got from someone special or maybe inherited. If you wish to bring something blue to your wedding, then you can opt for jewelry with blue embellishments. This nice addition will surely be noticed by everyone. Jewelry always had large significance in people's lives so make sure that the jewelry you wear on your special day is also significant to you.


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If you'll be having an outdoor wedding, it is quite possible that the night will become chilly. And a perfect way to introduce colors to your outfit is by wearing a towel. It will prtect you from low temperatures and at the same time it will give character to your outfit. You can choose which ever color you want, just make sure that the quality is top notch, that it's handmade and that it looks quite special. And later on, that towel will remind you of your most beautiful day. A truly perfect accessorie for your wedding outfit.


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