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Affordable Flower Girl Dresses For Outdoor Summer Wedding

Posted on by Arya Miller

Summer weddings are somewhat the most favorite among newlyweds. Just picture a beautiful warm day, warm breeze, sun, summer cakes, and summer fruits. What more can you wish for a wedding. Laughter and joy are basically guaranteed on a warm summer day. Picking a location for a summer wedding is really not a problem, especially if you want an outdoor wedding. In the summer, we opt for lighter materials, cheerful colors, and interesting accessories. Those are also the guidelines when choosing flower girl dresses as well.

flower girls

Photo by our customer Adorable Flower Girls


We know white dresses are a tradition, but how about adding a bit of color to your big day with colorful flower girl dresses? It's a huge trend for the last few years, and we must admit, it looks so good! Especially if you opt for pastel flower girl dresses - they will match any wedding style, theme, and venue. Pastel blue, pink, peach... no matter what color you choose, we are sure your flower girl will look like a princess. Complete the look with sandals, and hair accessories like a hair bow.


Photo by our customer Cuteness overload! Flower girls and ring bearer

blue dresses

Princessly Blue Flower Girl Dresses SHOP HERE

pink dresses

Princessly Pink Flower Girl Dresses SHOP HERE


When it comes to outdoor summer weddings, choosing the right materials for the dress is very important. You want your little flower girl to feel beautiful yet comfortable in it too. So try to avoid thick and itchy materials, and opt for light ones, such as cotton, satin, lace, or linen. These are super airily, lightweight and so comfortable. Perfect for your little flower girl. Complete the look with sandals, a basket filled with rose petals, and a floral crown. Your flower girls will be thrilled!

flower girl

Photo by our customer Flower Girl in Bohemian Dress


Princessly Bohemian Ivory Flower Girl Dresses SHOP HERE


Princessly Colorful Boho Flower Girl Dresses SHOP HERE

Looking for more options? Psst... we have over 300 dress styles. Explore our collection of flower girl dresses, and find the perfect one!