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  • 4 Floral Bouquet Ideas for Flower Girls

    Flower girls have the enviable task of paving the way for the bride by throwing flower petals along the aisle. Any girl three to ten years old can be a flower girl at a wedding but are usually relatives of the bride and groom.
  • Affordable Flower Girl Dresses For Outdoor Summer Wedding

    Summer weddings are somewhat the most favorite among newlyweds. Just picture a beautiful warm day, warm breeze, sun, summer cakes, and summer fruits. What more can you wish for a wedding.
  • Dos And Don'ts When Buying A Flower Girl Dress

    Here is everything you'll need to know before shopping – from perfect flower girl dress length, materials, dress styles, and places to shop.
  • One Ivory Flower Girl Dress Styled 3 Different Ways

    Here are perfect examples of our customers wearing the same dress in three different ways. From simple and classic looks to modern and bohemian, scroll down for some inspiration and cuteness overload.
  • The Best 16 Ivory Flower Girl Dresses Ideas for a Fairy-Tale Forest Wedding

    Want nature to play a major role in your wedding? How about a fairy-tale and mystique forest wedding? Full of flowers, greenery and fireflies, these weddings can be so fairy-tale and mystique, and with stunning natural elements like trees, it can create the most beautiful, relaxed and mysterious atmosphere that your guests will remember for a long time! Check out our flower girl...
  • 20 Stylish Flower Girls Dresses Ideas for a Parisian-Themed Spring Wedding

    Audrey Hepburn once said "Paris is always a good idea", and we couldn't agree more. The enchanting city of love is loaded with charms and wonders you can't find anywhere else on the planet. Just looking at this unique landmark is enough to put you in a romantic mood. No wonder, they call it the most romantic place on Earth. While each season...
  • 21 Bohemian Flower Girls Dresses Perfect for Summer Beach Wedding

    Is there a better place to say "I do" then a relaxing and romantic beach? Wearing a gorgeous flowy wedding dress, feeling the sand between your toes, cool ocean breeze and gorgeous sunset in the distance. How romantic and beautiful it is! This is the biggest reason why most of the couples opt for beach as their wedding venue. You'll definitely want to...
  • 4 Pretty Flower Girl Hairstyles for you to Choose From

    The most beautiful figure in the wedding is the little flower girl. You can't imagine that flower girls play an equally important role at the wedding. The young, lovely girls lead the bride into the aisle and dump the basket of flowers at one side. So how are you going to dress up your little flower girl? I collected 4 different flower girl...
  • 12 Constellation girl's flower dresses you will fall in love with

    Flower girl is a unique view of the wedding, lovely flower girl is like an angel at the wedding. The flower girl's dresses also attract people's attention, so how to dress up your flower girl is also an important part of the plan. This article shows 12 different flower gowns according to different constellations. The following 12 flower girl dresses perfectly show the...
  • 3 roles of the flower girl at the wedding

    In addition to the bridesmaids, the flower girl is one of the important elements of the wedding. Check out our adorable flower girl dresses collection to find a style that lets your little angel shine! The responsibility of the flower girl 1. Throwing petals When the wedding ceremony begin, the wedding march sound, the bride enter the hall under the eyes of the...
  • 27 baby headbands for flower girls in wedding or formal parties

    Flower girl's headbands play a significant role in wedding. Colorful headbands add a lot of festive happiness to the wedding. I collected 27 different headbands that can be used for wedding or party. Complete the look with our cute flower girl dresses! Our new collection is out now! baby headband baby headband baby headband hair clip bows baby crown headband shabby flower barefoot...
  • Cute toddler dresses for the babies who can't walk by themselves

    Little babies can't walk by themselves. Nonetheless they should be well dressed in a wedding or party. What kinds of baby dresses can we choose from? Let me introduce the beautiful baby dresses! Check out our baby flower girl dress selection for the most unique look! little girl in white dress Lace rustic vintage flower girl dresses Gray little dress The ulitmate baby...
  • Colorful flower girl dresses -- Dusty rose, Azure, Champagne, Pink and more

    Little flower girl is the most lovely elf at the wedding. They are dressed in colorful skirts to attract the attention of everyone. Colorful little skirts bring energy and youth to the wedding. Let me introduce you many kinds of colorful skirts. For more choices check out our new 2020 collection of designer flower girl dresses. Shop online now! 1. Dusty rose Dusty...
  • 6 Amazing ivory flower girl dresses for a summer wedding

    In the summer wedding, ivory is undoubtedly the most refreshing color. There is nothing quite as sweet as an animated little flower girl as she wears an ivory dress at the wedding, so why not buy her a beautiful dress? We have over 300 styles of hand made flower girl dresses. From Tea Princess So today we would be parking over at the...
  • 9 Fairy White Flower Girl Dresses

    We will give you some tips and tricks how to choose the right white flower girl dress according to the theme of the wedding.