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10 Best Bridesmaid Gift Ideas to Suit Every Budget

Posted on by Arya Miller

Choosing your bridesmaids is really a big assignment. It is important to think long and hard about who will stand by you on your most important day. We're sure that you will pick your dearest friends or family for this. But, do you wonder how to thank them for their service? Giving gifts to bridesmaids has always been a custom.


Photo by Jonathan Borba 

To give them some token of appreciation and also thank them for being there for you not only on your biggest day, but also helping you plan and organize the whole wedding. Wonder what kind of gift to get for them? Check out below where we bring you a few amazing suggestions that will make your bridesmaids totally happy and thrilled.


For real, is there any woman out there that doesn't like rings? Rings have always been a symbol of love, affection and commitment. Think good about what ring would be perfect for all your bridesmaids and get them the same one. Make sure to pick more subtle and minimal models so you can please all tastes.

Emerald Eternity Silver Ring


This gorgeous ring is made of silver and has an emerald gemstone which comes in it's well known green color. It is considered one of the most beautiful and expensive gems. We can often see it worn by actresses and members of royal families. This gem symbolizes tranquility and is a symbol of spirituality and kindness. It also brings luck, protects from evil and symbolizes wealth.

Sterling Silver Lotus Flower Ring


Are you a fan of romantic look? Then this ring will be perfect for your bridesmaids. It is beautiful, has a subtle and romantic look, and will please all tastes. Lotus is a flower known across the world and is highly regarded. In Buddhism, it is considered a paradise flower. It is also said that is stands for four essential virtues, which are loveliness, softness, scent and purity. And because of those virtues it ascends from mud to a gorgeous flower.

Moon Phase Ring with Black Opal


If your bridesmaids love gold and opals, then this ring will leave them speechless. It has a very modern look, it is interestingly styled and has a gorgeous opal. Opal is a gemstone that has a lot of interesting stories and legends surrounding it. It enhances creativity, so if your bridesmaids are on the creative side, this will be a great gift for them.


Towels are a great gift, especially if made from high quality materials. They are great not only for winter but for summer as well. For years brides loved giving towels to their bridesmaids. You can always make them more special and unique if you embroider the date of your wedding on them, or your bridesmaids name. Great idea, right?

Black Diamond 100% Turkish cotton Towel Handmade


This gorgeous Turkish towel is truly a fantastic gift. Not only does it have a very interesting and modern look, it is also made from 100% Turkish cotton. It is handmade in Turkey and is a very original gift. And it can serve several purposes; as a beach towel, bathing towel, as a blanket  or as a scarf.

Navy Dip Dye Turkish Beach Towel Handmade


You will be thrilled with this combination of bamboo and Turkish cotton. And don’t get us started on color combination. Ocean blue and beige are a perfect summer combo. In case you’ll be having a summer beach wedding this will be a perfect gift. This towel is made in turkey and is really unique. It is very soft, very high quality and looks timeless.

Lapis Tie Dye Turkish Beach Towel Handmade


Tie dye has been very trendy for the last couple of years and we’re sure that your bridesmaids will be thrilled when they receive this towel as a gift. Handmade in turkey, made from materials of highest quality are just some of the reasons to fall in love with this towel. We don’t even need to tell about its hundred different uses. It is great as a scarf, beach towel or a blanket to keep you warm in an airplane.

Himalayan Salt Lamp

These are a new trend! Not only do they look phenomenal, these lamps are also beneficial for your health. When turned on, they purify the air, remove dust, pollen, cigarette smoke and other harmful things. They also help with allergy and asthma symptoms. They help with coughing and neutralize electro-magnetic radiation. Along with all those benefits, they also give out a nice vibe to your home. So with all those nice things said about them, they will really be a great gift for your bridesmaids, especially if they love decorating their homes. We’re sure that as soon as they would turn on that lamp, they would think of you and your wedding.


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Bracelets have always been a nice token of appreciation. Even when we were kids, we used to make friendship bracelets. And because of that, if your bridesmaids love jewelry, bracelet will be a home run as a gift! You can opt to give each one a different bracelet, or get the same one for the whole bunch. It is great that you don’t need to know the size nor worry about will they fit them, like with rings.

Fully Adjustable Inspirational Link Bracelet


If you’re a fan of personalized gifts, of gifts with meaning, these bracelets will be great for you! This bracelet is made in USA from stainless steel. It is very modern, but also timeless. It will look great with every style, whether it’s the dinner outfit or everyday outfits. You can choose between three colors; gold, rose gold or silver. A perfect gift if your bridesmaids have different tastes.

Adjustable Inspirational Heart Wire Bangle


Another bracelet that can adjust to every person.. Although it only comes in silver, you can pick the inscription you wish to have engraved on it.  This means you can make a special inscription for each of your bridesmaids. Very interesting and a truly nice way to thank them for being there with you during the planning and your wedding day.