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Pastel Flower Girl Dresses Perfect For Spring Garden Wedding

Posted on by Arya Miller

Pastel colors are among the biggest spring fashion trends basically every year. They are really gentle, subtle and gorgeous at the same time. When we transition from winter into spring we always opt for colors like these. Mellow and smooth unlike the summer when we go for a lot more vibrant and energetic colors.

flower girl

Photo by Misha Voguel Flower Girl in Blush Pink Dress

Spring weddings are usually held in a garden, newlyweds choose them for their relaxing feel, but the abundance of greenery and flowers paired with open space and fresh air is truly enchanting. So when we put spring and garden wedding together, the immediate association is pastel colors, and flower girl dresses in those tones. 

Pastel Pink

Pastel pink color is usually the first choice. It is gentle, romantic, and at the same time very elegant. Little girls will be thrilled with this color. It is also very easy to combine with. Pastel pink goes great with darker shades of pink, but also with gold and rose gold. Accessorize the dress with a gorgeous flower wreath. You can play around with wreaths, so you can opt for one made of field flowers or a more elegant one made of roses and peonies. Pastel pink looks great on lace, satin, and tulle, it really emphasizes their romantic features. 

pink dress

Princessly Pink Dress with Flowers 

pink dress

Princessly Blush Pink Dress

pink dress

 Princessly Pink Tulle Flower Girl Dress

Pastel Blue

Spring, garden wedding, fresh air, the smell of fresh fruits, doesn't this reminds you of blue color? Blue is very delicate and relaxing. It goes great with absolutely all wedding themes, especially garden weddings. Combine it with silver and white for a full effect. If you're looking to add wreaths in the mix, we suggest ones made from eucalyptus or daisies. If you're a fan of a more minimal and fresh look, then blue will very nicely blend into your theme. Really, blue goes great with everything, boho style included.


Princessly Blue Flower Girl Dress

cute dress

Princessly Tulle Flower Girl Dress


Princessly Ombre Flower Girl Dress