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7 Gorgeous Bouquets for your Fall Wedding

Posted on by Arya Miller

Weddings in fall are so magical. Imagine beautiful colorful carpet of leaves, romantic isn`t it? In our last article we talked about stunning wedding dresses for fall, but this one we dedicate to wedding bouquets. How to choose the right bouquet and make the most of it? Stay tuned. You'll love our collection of autumn wedding dresses that are ultra pretty and perfect for the season.

wedding dresses

1. Sunflower

Sunflower Bouquet

Sunflower Bouquet Etsy>

It may not be the rarest flower, but it is a beautiful symbol of happiness, joy and loyalty. There are so many stories about this flower, in Greek mythology there is a story that nymph becomes the flower after losing her love, and in Chinese culture sunflower is a good luck charm.

Sunflower is perfect for bohemian weddings, decorate them with satin ribbon and it will look amazing.

2. Roses

Red Roses

Red Roses Etsy>

Classic and timeless, roses are perfect for fall weddings. Flower that is favorite to most of the women, is adorned with invigorating fragrance and graceful petals. Don`t choose gentle colors, be bold and choose wine red, orange or pink. These colors will perfectly fit the the autumn wedding theme. For elegant look decorate them with pearls, and for rustic and bohemian add wildflowers.

3. Amaranthus

Amaranthus Bouquet

Amaranthus Bouquet >

Very unusual, and not known to the most of the people, amaranthus leaves everybody breathless. Flowers are really small, dense and so long, perfect for bouquets. Originally from South America with foliage ranging from green and gold to purple and red. If you combine it with right flowers you will get stunning and magical bouquets, especially if you decide for burgundy color.

4. Fresia

Fresia Bouquet

Fresia Bouquet >

If you are a big fan of roses but you want something different, something unique and special, then you should check out beautiful fresia. It has an amazing scent, but what is most beautiful on fresia is her flower. Elegant yet classic, yet glamorous... it will look amazing in every bouquet. Fresia comes in so many different colors, and it is perfect for every style, classical and edgy.

5. Dahlia


Dahlia >

Looking for a bouquet that really stands out? How about Dahlia? This flower originally grew in Mexico, but now you can find it everywhere, in every flower shop. It is so feminine, chic and sophisticated. Dahlia is definitely a flower that makes the first autumn days even more beautiful. This flower beautifully goes with roses and berries, so we can say it is a perfect flower for autumn wedding bouquets.

6. Carnation

Carnation Bouquet

Carnation Bouquet Etsy>

One of the oldest cultivated flowers in the world, carnation symbolizes fidelity, love, fascination and romanticism. In Victorian times, this flower was oftenly sent as a secret, coded message. If they sent a solid colored carnation it meant that the answer was „yes“ and yellow carnation meant the answer was „no“.

Today there are so many shades; from white, pink, red, yellow, even green and peach. You can choose this flower for bridal bouquet or to decorate your tables. The best of all, they are not expensive.

7. Aster


Aster >

Aster is very popular daisy-like perennial with starry shaped flower heads. Originally from China and Japan, you can find this flower in so many different colors. They are perfect for rustic, bohemian or forest themed wedding.

We have a new collection of wedding dresses ready for your fall wedding.

wedding dresses