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8 Amazing And Unique Ideas For Fall Wedding Decorations

Posted on by Arya Miller

How to decorate your dreamy fall wedding? Looking for perfect decorations? How about making them yourself with help of your family and friends. It will be unique but also you will have fun. And the best of all, you have a little helper, and that is nature. Pines, colorful leaves, chestnuts and beautiful trees, all that will make your wedding even more magical. If DIY isn`t your thing, but if you want to make your wedding warmer, romantic but also unique, we are here to help. How to make your wedding magical, here are few tricks and tips. Shop our breathtaking collection of wedding dresses perfect for a Fall wedding.

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1. Wedding Cake Decor

8 Amazing And Unique Ideas For Fall Wedding Decorations

Wedding cake decor Etsy>

The central piece of the wedding, cake must be elegant, beautiful, magical and above all, unique. With thousands of flowers, and dazzling diamonds or modern naked cake, it has to look like a true masterpiece. But when it comes to Fall wedding, don`t overdo. Decorate your cake with leaves, not real of course, but edible. It will look amazing. And to help you a bit, we found pefect maple leaves on Etsy.

2. Table Decor

Fabric Pumpkin

Fabric Pumpkin Etsy>

Decorate your tables with pines, maple leaves, apples or even pumpkins. Yes, pumpkins. They are a pefect decor for fall weddings. If you don`t want to have real pumpinks on the table, you can replace it with pumpkins made of fabric. It will look beautiful. For romantic atmosphere, add candles, and use more fall colors like burgundy, brown or orange.

3. Invitations


Invitations Etsy>

Play with patterns of leaves, pumpkins and flowers and choose beautiful colors of cranberry, peach, burgundy and wine red, it will look amazing. If you like minimalism, don`t worry, simple white invitation with gold letters will look amazing too.

4. Blankets



Whether it is an indoor or outdoor wedding, it is always a good idea to have soft and warm blankets. They will really bring up to the atmosphere.

5. Wedding Garland

8 Amazing And Unique Ideas For Fall Wedding Decorations

Wedding Garland Etsy>

If you will have an outdoor wedding or at a farm, garland is a pefect decoration for you. With them, everything will instantly look so bohemian, so rustic. Garland is really simple to make, all you need is a piece of string, and colorful fabric. You can also make them in one color, like gold, it will look really elegant. If you don`t have enough time for DIY, you can buy this one at Altered Eco Designs on Etsy.

6. Vase


Vase >

Imagine beautiful bouquet made of sunflowers, roses or dahlia.... magical right? And the best of all, you can make this bouquets yourself. All you need is a perfect vase. You can find them absolutely everywhere, in so many styles and shapes.

7. Candles



As we already said, candles are perfect for creating romantic and cozy atmosphere. You can put them in a jar for bohemian look or in glass vases for elegant.There are also so many scents, like scent of leaves, autumn rain, an apple pie. Your guests will love it.

Another great idea to make your wedding fun and unique. Pin the paper leaves into an apple with names and table numbers. It looks amazing, right?

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