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Summer's Top 6 Trends You Can Wear At Your Wedding

Posted on by Arya Miller

Sometimes you can make your wedding unique and different just by following the latest fashion trends. Yes, trends! From amazing choker, cute and romantic ruffles, to the slip dress and sexy lace up sandals. Here is the list of the best summer trends in 2016 that you can wear on your wedding too. Stay tuned. Find a perfect wedding veil to complete your bridal look. Check out our collection here.

bridal veil

1. Choker


Choker Etsy>

Choker is a must have this season. A lot of celebrities embraced this trend, from Taylor Swift, Gigi Hadid to Kendall Jenner. This 90s trend can be found absolutely everywhere, and in so many variations, the velvet, rhinestone, pearls, metal or even leather. Maybe you think that is a bit weird to wear this kind of necklace on your wedding, but why not to be different, look cool and so fashionable? This simple piece will make every combination so special.

2. Ruffles

Beautiful Wedding Dress

Beautiful Wedding Dress Etsy>

Ruffles, ruffles, ruffles. Is there something more romantic and feminine than a piece with cute and subtle ruffles? From dresses, skirts, swimwear and shirts, this was definitely their year. They are also perfect for a wedding, especially if it is a bohemian one. We recommend beautiful wedding dress with ruffles, and colorful flower crown. And the best thing, it is not hard to find this kind of a dress, because not only that the high street stores are crazy about them, but designers love them too.

3. Slip dress

Slip dress

Slip dress Etsy>

Modern, sexy and simple, slip dresses are perfect for brides inclined to minimalism. Not only these dresses are so comfy, but they are also so elegant and feminine. How to wear them? With simple heels or flats, and simple low updo. This kind of dresses are perfect for beach weddings. Choose white color or champagne and you will look stunning.

4. Lace up sandals

Lace up sandals

Lace up sandals Etsy>

You maybe think that lace up sandals are a bad choice for weddings, but think twice. They are so elegant and sexy, and also perfect for summer. If you choose the right pair, you will look gorgeous. Lace up sandals will elongate your legs, and you will look slimmer. We found perfect ones on Etsy, and the best thing, they are on sale.

5. Braids


Braids One fab day>

Looking for the perfect alternative to the classic bridal updo? How about braids? Romantic and chic in same way, braids are big hit this season, especially on weddings. From thin to thick hair, they fit any style, wear it romantic or tighten and smooth. Talk with your hair stylist and find the right one that will suit you the best. You can decorate you braids with another trend, hair rings, it will look amazing.

6. Fringe

Fringe Wedding Dress

Fringe Wedding Dress Etsy>

According to the runways, fringe is back, and in a big way! But how to wear this 70s trend? It can be a bit tricky. Simple, bold or boho, it is up to you, but we suggest to keep it minimal, you don`t want to look like a cowboy. Pair you fringe wedding dress with something modern, like metallic heels. All you need is elegant curls and red lipstick. You can find plenty of inspiration in Great Gatsby movie.

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