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8 Best Lace Wholesale Wedding Dresses for Sophisticated Bride, Starting at $60

Posted on by Arya Miller

Lace is definitely a material that will contribute to your elegance and sophistication. We could also say that is timeless. Lace symbolizes subtlety and at the same time emphasizes attractiveness. Lace wedding dresses are among the most popular models. Their romantic nature will make anyone wearing them look quite romantic and feminine.

women in wedding dresses

 Photo by Sasha Kim

Short Lace Wedding Dresses

Short lace wedding dresses remind us of some eariler times. This style was hugely popular in the 1950's and 1960's. They are made from combination of lace and satin and they have a very feminine and elegant look. Also, to achieve a more formal look, it is good to add some tulle to te mix as well. It will give lavishness and volume to the dress. And short wedding dresses have been announced as a new trend for the neyt year. Maybe because of the pandemic, maybe because there are are less wedding being held. But nontheless, women have already embraced this trend. And judging by that, we can see how mermaid and opulent ballroom style wedding dresses are slowly being forgotten.

wedding dress

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Price: $100.28

short dress

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Price: $67.15

Long Sleeves

Long sleeves are perfect for the upcoming cold season. Although the wedding season is at its peak during summer and spring, we have noticed a lot more winter weddings lately. Especially during the holidays. And we can understand why; white snow, christmas lights, there is a lot of magic there. For winter weddings, long sleeve wedding dresses are more than appropriate. Usually the sleeves are made from gorgeous lace that adds to the rest of the dress. But, we can also see that women opt for long sleeves even in the summer. Mostly because of tradition, but also insecurity. This wedding dress style is truly timeless, just remember Kate Middleton and Grace Kelly. Even today, those are the dresses from which future brides get their inspiration.

wedding dress

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Price: $151.80

long dress

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Price: $156.39

V back

This is definitely a wedding dress trend that hasn't gone out of style for couple of years now. Brides often opt for wedding dresses that have a gorgoeus V back. This style looks great on everyone. It gorgeously accents body's silhouette. And we can say with certainty that deep neckline are no longer trending and that they've been replaced with V neck. They really don't have to be very deep and noticeable, you can also be sophisticated by wearing a subtle and minimal dress. Brides that love fashion and trends usually opt for deep V backs, while brides that love tradition and classic are leaning more towards simpler and smaller V backs.

v back

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Price: $151.80


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Price : $156.39

Mint Blue Color

Although we're not used to seeing colored wedding dresses, this trend is on the rise. Pastel colors are definitely a hit. In the last few years we could notice pink and peach wedding dresses, and now the upcoming trend is mint color wedding dresses. And you may think how sophisticated look goes with those colors. Trust us, it goes phenomenal. These wedding dresses are so breathtakingly gorgeous! Classic style, lace and a combination of other materials all in mint blue color goes amazingly well together.

blue dress

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Price: $113.10

mint dress

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Price $170.82