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18 Modern Engagement Rings For Minimalist Bride

Posted on by Arya Miller

Engagement rings Bride And Groom Captured By Wasio Photography< >

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You only get to wear an engagement ring once in your life, so picking the perfect one is of great importance. When choosing the ring, it is important to put style, stone and materials in consideration. Of course, one of the biggest criteria is the budget. But that doesn't mean that it has to be expensive to be beautiful. Minimal jewelry is among the biggest trends for the last few years, and it doesn't show any signs of decline in popularity. Women like minimal, modern but at the same time elegant and sophisticated jewelry. Meaning that this type of jewelry is ideal for an engagement ring. What metal to choose? For that, you should pay close attention to your future wife, her jewelry to be exact. By taking a closer look in what jewelry she is wearing, you will found out what she prefers. Gold, silver, or maybe rose or red gold? Although minimal jewelry doesn't capture much attention, you can always go for some detail, like a stone. It will make the ring more special and unforgettable. Diamonds are surely an undeniable classic, and on minimal jewelry black diamond, ruby, sapphire, aquamarine or any other stone of your choosing will stand out. To help you choose the right ring, we have prepared 18 beautiful minimal engagement rings for modern brides.

1. Emerald ring

Esmerald Ring >

We found on this beautiful minimal ring on Etsy. It is modern, but has a feel of some past times, which contributes to it's charm. It is made out of 14k gold, and has a subtle emerald stone in the middle. Stone has a beautiful crystal green color. It instills peace and boosts emotions, and those features have made this stone to be always highly appreciated. It's good to know that this gorgeous stone fits the zodiac signs of Leo, Libra, cancer and Taurus. It has been regarded as a stone of immortality,youth and strengthened passion. Perfect for an engagement ring, right? The ring is handmade, and it will be a great choice for brides who love gold. Price is around 170$

2. Rose gold

Rose Gold Ring>

Although rose gold ring aren't as popular as they used to be, they can still be seen worn on sooo many fingers. If you don't like classic yellow gold or white gold, then this could be your solution to end your engagement ring search. Combining yellow gold with copper gives rose gold it's feminine gentle rose color. Modern women who follow trends but are very feminine, gentle and tend to be romantic, very often pick this type of gold. Rose gold goes perfectly with basically every stone, so it is logical for it to become of the most sought after engagement rings. We find it particularly beautiful when paired with diamonds. That combination really accents the color of the gold, and that is the main reason for us to pick this ring as a suggestion. You can find it on Lily Arkwright page priced at 613gbp. It has a very modern design, fresh but elegant at the same time. Do you agree with us? Gold is 18k and is supplemented with sparkly moissante stones.

3. Diamond Beaded Ring

Mejuri is one of the most popular modern jewelry brands out there, and it is no wonder that a majority of women have at least one of their pieces in the collection. Neither did we have to strength to resist them, and we simply had to put it on the list. This at a glance minimal ring is so special that it can captivate every women's attention. And we have to mention that the price of 169$ really helps with the whole capturing the attention thing. It is made out of 14k white gold, and it has a round cut 0.6 carat diamond in the middle. The rest of the ring is not classical, but what it looks like a string of connected pellets. Very modern and chic. Being that the ring is thin, it will be perfect for combining with other rings. It is great for every day wearing, and it's not heavy. Simple, modern and minimal. What more can you wish for!

4. Heart ring

Hart Ring>

What are your thoughts on the idea for heart shaped ring? Sounds great, right? This minimal and cute ring is designed by Annaij. Anna heart shaped ring is made out of 18k white gold, with 0.6 carat diamonds, and the price is 450€. Ring is thin, minimal, but the design of the heart is very modern and special, and we have to admit that we haven't seen such a ring before. If your bride significant other is a cheerful spirit that loves to experiment and loves unusual jewelry, then this ring would be a perfect choice for her, even if she doesn't like jewelry. This ring speaks for itself and will capture everyone's heart. With it's fresh, playful and modern design, what more could you wish for?

5. Crystal ring

Crystal Ring >

If you've visited j.hannah website, then you will understand our choice, and how difficult it was to list only one. Glace ring is a minimal modern ring that every woman would love to have in her collection. It is handmade, oval shaped and you can choose if you would like it in 14k gold or oak silver. It has a very unusual modern shape that is complemented with quartz. We were thrilled by this ring's minimalism but also the freshness that it has. We truly believe that every girl would say yes is proposed with this beautiful ring.

6. Aquamarine ring

Engagement Ring >

While Jacquine Aiche mostly has bohemian rings filled with details, we managed to find one with modern and minimal look. This gorgeous aquamarine ring leaves everybody breathless. The aquamarine stone is one of the most famous and appreciated precious stones. It's color reminds us of the sea, waves and that sweet summer breeze. It is considered as a symbol of luck, fidelity, bravery, friendship and justice. It also has a positive effect on the mood. As for the zodiac signs, it is a perfect choice for Pisces, Aquarius, Scorpio and Libra. Since we described the stone, we should get back to the ring. Although the ring has a really interesting design, we could say that is fairly minimal in style. The smaller stones encircle the bigger one in the middle. This ring will be a great choice for bohemian souls with affinity for to minimal design, and who share the uniqueness and joyfulness of this stone.

7. Rose Cut Diamond Ring

Engagement Ring>

The inexhaustible well of unusual and unique rings is always Etsy. And we found there this minimal and modern engagement ring. What droved us to it is it's special design. It is a very thin golden ring enhanced with only a gorgeous pear shaped diamond. This unique handmade ring is so special that you will be instantly captivated and could not believe your eyes when you see it. A perfect example of flawless minimal design. It looks fresh, elegant and at the same time subtle and refined. Being that the ring is so subtle in design, it will be a great ring for a bride to be that like to wear multiple rings and other jewelry.

8. Open minimal ring

Engagement Ring>

Open ring design has become a big hit over the last couple of years. It is very appreciated by modern women who know what they want and who enjoy minimal design. This ring made our list because of those reasons. It is handmade, and it has 3 stones on each side. It looks great as an engagement ring, but it is also great for combining with other jewelry, don't you agree?

9. The Infinity ring

Infinity Ring>

Very affordable engagement ring with a splendid display of minimal design. It is made out of titanium steel with rose gold platin. We could say that it has a pretty timeless look with it's simplicity but it somehow manages to look special and unique. Awesome thing is that it is unisex, so it can be worn by you and your significant other. It is also not too thin, and not too thick, it achieved a perfect balance. It can be found in practically all possible sizes, which is a great thing considering how problematic can be to find a ring that will fit you bride's finger.

10. Modern Ring

Modern Ring >

If your fiancee is an admirer of minimal design, and is also a romantic soul, then this ring will perfectly fit her personality. This beautiful ring leaves us speechless with it's three princess cut diamonds in the front. And like that's not enough, it is also encircled with round and baguette diamonds. A truly pefect design, modern but timeless as well. It amazed us, to say at least. Ring is available in 14k rose, white or yellow gold, but the rose gold one really catched our eye. There's really not more to say, this ring is a dream come true.

11. Unique Modern Ring

Minimal ring>

It is hard to find unique jewelry, especially when it comes to engagement rings. But worry not! Jim Dailing makes just those, and solves the problems of newlyweds that are looking for something truly unique. His designs are at the same time modern, fresh and simple, and because of that we decided to introduce you to his really special work. What do you think about a ring that looks like sea waves? Maybe you and you significant other met each other on the beach, or you want to engage on one? Maybe it was a location of your first kiss? If the story of your love is connected to the waves, than this ring will be a perfect way to simbolize it in a unique and special way.

12. Timeless And Modern Ring

Minimal Ring >

Another modern, but at the same time classical ring has delighted us. The crown of this ring is a big diamond with two more on the sides, and it makes this ring's design unique and timeless. Phenomenal thing about this ring is that the diamonds are recycled and conflict free. Ring can be worn everyday by your soon to be wife, because it simply goes with everything, and with every occasion, whether it's doing daily routines or going to a fancy dinner. This ring will complement her look in every way.

13. Opal ring

Opal ring>

Opal is another one of the precious stones, and it's one the most appreciated. An interesting thing about opal is that it's not honed, but only smoothened because of it's fragile structure. It is perfect for zodiac signs of Libra, Pisces and Aquarius. Opal is a stone of heart, it gives peace and happiness to the wearer, and is a great choice for an engagement ring. We found this handmade opal ring on Etsy. It is simple, modern and is made out of 14k gold. It is a truly minimal ring with only three opal stones, and it's perfect, right?

14. Simple Rubin Ring

Rubin Ring >

Simplicity and minimal design of this ring will amaze you. It surely amazed us! This silver ring is decorated with only a small ruby, a great example of minimal and elegant design. Ruby is also known as a stone of life, symbolising a great love and fiery life. And those features makes it a perfect gift for your loved one.

15. Engagement Ring Low Budget

modern ring >

If you don't have a big budget, no reason to fear. There are beautiful rings with affordable prices to be found. Pearls are something that is really timeless, and although the one on this ring is not real, we have to admit that it doesn't look like that, it has a really authentic look about itself. The rest of the ring is quite minimal and is decorated with crystals. Modern, sophisticated and special are attributes that perfectly describe this ring. And what do you think it's price is? You surely wouldn't guessed that it costs less than 10€, right?

16. Petite And Delicate Ring

engagement ring

Minimal Ring>

Made of 18K White Gold, this beautiful and delicate ring by Brilliant Earth is perfect for minimalist bride. Because of its petite band, the diamond really comes in the center of attention. Best of all, you can choose the shape of diamond from simple round to the stunning princess, oval and many more.

17. 18K White Gold Ring

engagement ring

Beautiful Gabriel Regalia Ring >

How beautiful is this ring? Made of 18K white gold this simple solitaire engagement ring features beautiful round shape diamond and elegantly sculpted shoulders that will perfectly accent the center stone. You can find this ring on

18. Unusual Engagement Ring

engagement ring

Silicone Ring>

Looking for something a bit more different? How about silicone rings? We found the perfect one at Enso Ring website. It is inspired by mythical creatures of legend and lore, and it really has that effortlessly cool vibe. It is available in classic and thin widths. Take a look at our collection of beautiful wedding dresses.

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