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Top 6 Most Beautiful Ties Perfect For A Fall Wedding

Posted on by Arya Miller

Black Tie

Black Tie >

Have you already found the perfect suit for your wedding day? If the answer is yes, now it is a perfect time to add finishing touches with elegant tie. Did you know that the tie, originates from the Croats? At the beginning, the Croatian soldiers wore a unique scarf around the neck, and that scarf was named after them, the cravat. This symbol of sophistication and elegance is available in so many different styles, textures and colors, from silk tie, black to the bow tie. Sometimes it can be really hard to choose the right one. But don`t worry, we are here to help. We found 10 beautiful and unique ties that we are sure will turn heads.

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Retro Inspired Pattern Tie

Tie patterns are very popular the last few years, men absolutely love them. We found the perfect one on Etsy. It is retro inspired skinny tie decorated with beautiful details like roses. This tie will go perfectly with classic black suit. Price? Only $14,09.

Floral Tie

Floral Tie Etsy>

Playful Mint Tie

Beautiful, elegant and yet so playful, mint color is perfect for beach weddings. This color is adored by man and women, and it will match perfectly with white or gray suit. This mint green tie is also from Etsy, and the best thing it is available in skinny and standard widths.

Mint Tie

Mint Tie Etsy>

Classic Black Tie

Timeless and classic, black color never goes out of style. Elegant and sophisticated, this classic piece will look amazing whether your suit is black, white or with patterned. And the best thing, you can wear it for years and years. So it will be a great investment too. You can find black ties absolutely everywhere, but be careful when choosing the materials.

Black Tie

Black Tie >

Unique and Unusual – Wool Tie

If you are a big fashion lover, and want something different, cool and unique, how about fine-knit tie? It is perfect for a winter fairy tale wedding. Combine it with simple black suit and it will look amazing. We found the perfect one on H&M.

Wool Tie

Wool Tie H&M>

70s Inspired Tie

70s trend is not only popular in women fashion but also in men's too. How to rock this trend and look amazing? With tie, of course. If you have a bohemian or retro inspired wedding, we recommend this 70s inspired tie, not only you will delight all of your guest, but you will also look so stylish and cool. We found that kind of tie that remind us of that great and fun 1970s time, with beautiful tiny yellow and orange roses. All you need is a gray or brown suit, and maybe a hat and suspenders. Tie is from Etsy and it cost only $14,25.

Retro Tie

Retro Tie Etsy>

Bow Tie

Bow ties are a huge hit, more and more men are adding this piece to their wardrobe. It looks elegant, but in same time cool and stylish. You will look amazing. We found the perfect one by Burberry.

Bow Tie

Bow Tie >

What style do you prefer the most? Tell us in the comments below.

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