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The 6 Most Romantic Wedding Barns in the U.S.

Posted on by Arya Miller

Planning a perfect romantic wedding, but you still don`t know what location to choose? Well, at least you found the the right place here, we rounded up top 6 most romantic and most beautiful barns that will win you over with their charm, so check them out! Let's find you a wedding dress of your dreams at your dream price. Shop our gorgeous wedding dresses in all styles and silhouettes.

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1.Hardy Farm

Where: Maine, Fryeburg Capacity: 150

Hardy Farm

Hardy Farm Hardy Farm>

This gorgeous property was built in 1750 in the picturesque White Mountains of Maine, offering an authentically historic feel. This enchanting barn's decor is really something else. And we love it. What we like most on this farm, is uniqueness of it's decor. Beautiful and glamorous chandeliers, whitewashed walls, lovely staircase, and open design make this barn truly unique and a dreamy wedding ambiance. Sounds amazing, right?

2. Windmill Winery

Where: Florence, Arizona Capacity: 300

Windmill Winery

Windmill Winery Windmill Winery>

Originally built in 1910, this barn is an ideal location for your bohemian wedding. The barn has beautiful bare wooden walls and charming beams, and it is also surrounded by stunning lush greenery and not one, but two lakes. Imagine how great your wedding photos would look like on this beautiful location.

3. The Barn at Green Vally

Where: Fairfield, California Capacity: 200

The Barn at Green Valley

The Barn at Green Valley The Barn at Green Valley>

How stunning does this barn look like? It is placed in Fairfield, California, just a 40 minutes drive from San Francisco. Beautiful nature, charming and spectacular view, endless vineyards in the background, this barn has everything to make it a perfect venue for exchanging the vows with you better half.

4. Dunton Hot Springs

Where: Dolores, Colorado Capacity: 60

Dunton Hot Springs

Dunton Hot Springs Dunton Hot Springs>

Set in an extraordinary alpine valley, Dunton Hot Springs, this barn is a perfect place if you are looking for something truly unique and special. It is a resorted ghost town... yep, but don't worry, there is no reason to panic. You can rent the whole town for your wedding celebration, imagine that! All the cabins are clustered around the Dance Hall and the historic Saloon, and it is only a few steps away from stunning waterfall. For a ghost town, it certainly has a lot of warmth and soul. Your family and guests will enjoy it!

5. Sweet Meadow Farm

Where: Tallapoosa, Georgia Capacity: 400

Sweet Meadow Farm

Sweet Meadow Farm Sweet Meadow Farm>

Looking for something with an endless amount of charm? We found it for you! Perfect for all night dancing, dining and celebrating. Located an hour's drive outside of Atlanta, Sweet Meadow farm is a true historic gem. There is nothing more beautiful than nature, and this barn is surrounded by 160 acres of woodland, meadows and ponds. Imagine having photos from there, you wouldn't want to stop looking at them! And that is what this farm offers, history, beautiful and stunning nature, charm, a lots of fun and experience to be remembered for years to come.

6. Riverside Farm

Where: Pittsfield, Vermont

Riverside Farm

Riverside Farm Riverside Farm>

Dreaming of a beautiful barn wedding in Vermont? Then you should definitely check out Riverside farm. It is perfect for cozy, but elegant wedding. You can choose between seven fabulous barns, our favorite is The Red barn Farm with it's stunning interior and nothing less stunning exterior.

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