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9 Unique And Fun Wedding Ideas From Pinterest

Posted on by Arya Miller

You don't know from where to start and how to prepare for wedding? You are constantly running out of ideas that you saw in wedding magazines. It happens more often than you think. If you want something different on your wedding than the rest of the newlyweds and be unique and original, getting inspiration and ideas can pose a problem. A great place to solve those kind of problems is Pinterest. Believe it or not, I'm there on a daily basis, and along with weddings ideas, Pinterest provides me with home decor ideas, delicious recipes and clothing ideas. Keep reading for 9 perfect Pinterest suggestions that will make your wedding unique. Find a wedding dress that is unique as you! Browse our gorgeous collection of dresses.

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A cake is a must-have classic, right? There isn't a wedding without it. Fruit, chocolate, vanilla or nuts. We tried them all. So to be unique, what do you think about cupcakes instead of a classic cake? Decorate them with beads, lace or fruit and chocolate. It will certainly be a pleasant surprise for your guests.


Cupcakes Etsy>

Mason jars

One of more affordable wedding decorations are jars. You can find them basically everywhere, and you decorate them in countless ways. If you're having a boho rustic wedding, use straw or vibrant flowers. If you're having a elegant wedding, lace and satin bow will look delightful. You can use jars as a candle holder or a vase.

Mason jars

Mason jars Etsy>


Adults always have fun on weddings. But that's not the case with kids. It's not their choice in music, there are no cartoons, toys, it's pretty boring, right? Make effort to have a kid's table, and decorate it with balloons. Put legos and other toys in special boxes and kids will be thrilled and remember your wedding for a long time.



Hair decorations

You're not a traditional bride and you don't want a veil, but YOU WANT to decorate your hair and make it special. Pinterest has a ton of suggestions. Tape, hairpins or ponytail, everything is allowed.

Hair decorations

Hair decorations Etsy>

Sitting plan

Sitting plan for your guests oftenly comes with a big amount of stress. Some friends are not good with other, or one aunt can't stand another. Save yourself from unpleasantness and let your guests pick their own spot.

Sitting plan

Sitting plan >


Brides can oftenly ignore fashion trends and choose traditional gowns and shoes. Pinterest suggests trends. Incorporate colorful shoes, or a crop top. Why not? It is your wedding and you can wear whatever you wish for. White suits look great with dark blue stilettos and a bouquet with blue flowers. You will look very modern and everything but boring.


Dress Princessly>


Bridesmaids always wear identical dresses. Why not let them to choose their own dresses, design and color?

Bridesmaids dress

Bridesmaids dress Princessly>

Gift box

Have a little something to give your guests as a sign of gratitude for their attendance on your big day. You can put your favorite cakes or scented candles in a decorated box. Decorate them with your picture so they can have a long lasting memory.

9 Unique And Fun Wedding Ideas From Pinterest

Gift box Etsy>

Summer - autumn

If you're having a summer wedding, it would be great to have ice cream, or fresh fruits for your guests. Autumn is just around the corner, and if so is your wedding, serve them candy apples or a pumpkin pie. For a winter wedding, opt for a hot chocolate or boiled wine

Ice cream

Ice cream >

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