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6 Ways To Make Your Wedding Fun And Unique

Posted on by Arya Miller

Let's be honest, weddings can sometimes be super boring. It often happened to us that we couldn't wait to get home from wedding, although we really like the newlyweds. A lack of entertainment, atrocious music and even a bad choice of foods can ruin the wedding for your guests. With all the your effort you've put in, and the time you've spent, you expect that your guests have a great time, an enjoy not only food, but the wedding as a whole. So, how to avoid disappointments and entertain your guests? We're bringing you few simple tips.

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1.Photo Booth

Photo Booth Backdrop

Photo Booth Backdrop BuzzFeed >

One of the best things on weddings is definitely photo booth. It is the most fun way to capture the great moments of your guest and family. If you don`t have a big budget, polaroid camera and great backdrop will be enough. For colorful wedding we recommend ribbon backdrop. And the best thing is that you can do it yourself. Just make sure that shades of your ribbons maches with your wedding theme. If your choice is rustic and boho, make your crates backdrop. All you need to do is stack wooden crates, and decorate them with flowers or baloons. And for Great Gatsby inspired wedding glitter backdrop will look amazing. As we already said, there are so many choices, it is up to you to choose.

2.PowerPoint Presentations

PowerPoint Presentations

PowerPoint Presentations india earl>

Oftenlly, in romantic movies, you can see presentations on a wedding. What makes them so original and special? Probably because some guests will get to know you more, and some will get a chance to freshen up on some memories. Pictures of you as babies, your first birthdays, first bike rides, your first date, kisses...

There are so many ideas. You can add the photos before and after you met, your favorite songs and many more. Be creative and have fun.

3.Kids' table

Kids Table

Kids Table BuzzFeed>

How to entertain kids at your wedding? How about kids table? Stock it with crayons, wedding-themed placemats, glow bracelets, baloons and candies... a lot of candies. If the kids table is not your choice, you can hire animators or a clown, and create an enjoyable and memorable experience for them.

4. Unusual food

Meringue Kisses

Meringue Kisses one fab day >

Step out of your comfort zone and move away from traditional wedding and offer your guest an unusual menu. Instead of cake, you can have ice cream or cookies in different shapes (hearts, bride, groom, diamond ring) or even pizza and caramel apples. Sounds great, right? If you are big fan of Italian kitchen, you can have Italian dessert bar. Your guests will love it!

5. Fireworks


Fireworks bridal musings>

Who doesn`t like fireworks? Not only are they romantic and fun, but they add a touch of excitement to your wedding day. Don`t tell your guests about it, the surprise will be even better.

6. First dance

First Dance

First Dance the stir >

The first dance is one of the most romantic moments of a wedding, something that you will remember you whole life. So why don`t do something different, something fun and unusual? Move away from waltz, and dance tango, samba or even hip hop dance.You will surely get your guests off their chairs and get them to join you. Fun is guaranteed. Go to dance school and ask teachers to come up with something special and unique for you.

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