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  • 9 Wedding Decor Things You Can Buy On Ebay Under $5

    There are plenty of ways to bring your wedding-day vision to life, and wow your wedding guests. First it is the dress, and second, wedding decorations. Not only it is important to choose the right theme, music and cake, it is also important to show your character, love and fabulous style. Wedding decor can be quite expensive, so most of the couples turn...
  • 6 Ways To Make Your Wedding Fun And Unique

    Let's be honest, weddings can sometimes be super boring. It often happened to us that we couldn't wait to get home from wedding, although we really like the newlyweds. A lack of entertainment, atrocious music and even a bad choice of foods can ruin the wedding for your guests. With all the your effort you've put in, and the time you've spent, you...