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5 Unique Wedding Traditions From Around The World

Posted on by Arya Miller

Wedding traditions that newlyweds are trying to keep are different around the world, varying from country to country. What kind of traditions they have in Mexico, Japan and other countries, you can read in today's article. You'll definitely want to check out our collections of beautiful wedding dresses, bridesmaid dresses and cute flower girl dresses.

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Mexico Style Me Pretty>

Aside from a lot of tequila and obligatory mariachi band, mexican weddings are usually very religious. Family comes first. Following traditions, bride's dresses are usually very similar to their folk costumes, or to those of flamenco dancers, while the groom can oftenly be seen wearing a matador outfit. One of traditions is that the newlyweds light up candles for the Virgin of Guadalupe. Traditional first dance if very interesting in Mexico, where guests form the heart shape around newlyweds, and after the dance they tie the knot from red fabric. As for the decorations, everything is full of colors, from colorful paper flowers, to unavoidable pinatas. It's a great fun for kids too.

2. United Kingdom

United Kingdom

United Kingdom white and faded >

UK also has interesting traditions. Wedding cake is usually made of cherries, almonds and marzipan, and the interesting thing is that the top part of the cake is kept until newlyweds have their first baby. A good fortune will shine upon them if the bride is kissed by a chimney sweeper, pretty funny, right? Brides very oftenly have myrtle flowers in their bouquets, this tradition dates from queen Victoria's wedding where she had myrtle in her bouquet, making it a tradition that holds till this day. Mytrle flower is a symbol of long and happy love. There is also a tradition where a bride's father puts six silver pennies in her shoe for good luck and love. As for the wedding dress, brides usually wear white with veil.

3. China


China the wedding scoop>

A wedding date in China is determined by a psychic. When a groom arrives for the bride, he has to play a couple of games (we're not thinking about computer ones), in which, among others, has to show his singing abilities. At the wedding, you can find a wide choice of foods, usually more than 10 different types of dishes. After dinner and the party, wedding guests usually escort newlyweds in the bedroom, and they stay there until newlyweds threw them out. Weddings are usually decorated in red, and brides usually wear a red dress, because red in China represents love, joy and happiness while white represents sorrow.

There are a lot of ceremonies in India, from engagement to wedding ceremony. All of them are accompanied with fun and music. Indian wedding are always fun, and always very big. Bride's hands, legs and feet are decorated with henna. During the second part of the wedding ceremony, newlyweds are putting beautiful flower wreaths around their necks. Orange, red and yellow are dominant colors on weddings. Bridal dress is called sari, and it is vibrant in many beautiful colors, you will not see a white bridal dress on traditional Indian wedding.

5. Japan


Japan world-ethnic-beauty>

Weddings in Japan are traditionally held in shinto temples. Brides wear beautiful silk kimonos called Shiro Maku. As for the make up, on traditional Japan wedding you will not see smokey eyes, or contouring.Bride's face is painted in white and covered with veil. Brides have traditionally lifted hair, with special japanese headdress. . During the ceremony, bride changes clothes multiple times, and the moment when bride and the groom drinks sake, they are married. Drinking sake is a tradition in Japan, and you can usually expect to drink it up to 9 times!

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