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5 Amazing Drinks To Serve At Your Wedding

Posted on by Arya Miller

Although they come to wedding to celebrate your love and make it your special day, it is very important that the guests have a good time too. Along with the music, it is very important that the food and drinks follow the beat too. Beside the classic wine and champagne, it is great to surprise your guests with something completely different. What do you think of cocktails and shots which are everything but boring. We bring you 5 ideas for drinks that will delight and surprise your guests. While you're checking out which drinks to serve, check out our collections of wedding dresses, bridesmaid dresses and flower girl dresses.

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Peach Strawberry Sangria

You like wine and you like fruit. What do think about a drink coming from warm Spain - sangria? A perfect summer drink that will put smile on everyone's faces. It is very easy to make and it looks fantastic. Slice fruits of your choice, we recommend peaches and strawberries, add white wine, and a bit of rum and sugar. Leave it to meld for couple of hours and it is ready to be served. If you like bubbles, add some sparkling water to it, and decorate it with fruit slices. Everybody will love it!

Peach Strawberry Sangria>

Lavender lemonade

Lavender is known for it's calming effect, and on a wedding, not only are the newlyweds nervous, there are guests that are too. So what better than to serve them this refreshing and calming drink. Beside the taste, it looks effective as well. Make lemonade by putting 100ml of squeezed lemon juice into a 500ml of water, add some eco lemon peel, and honey or sugar by choice. Then add lavender flower. Leave it over night and serve it on your wedding day in champagne glasses with ice and lavender flowers.

Lavender limonade

Lavender lemonade>


We really don't know a single person that doesn't like watermelon. This refreshing summer fruit is perfect for weddings. Slice the watermelon into cubes, pour them with vodka and leave it over night. Then the next day, mash it to get a thick drink, and serve with ice cubes. Your guests will want more.



Mint Water

Water is oftenly overlooked on a wedding, and that should change. Water, especially during hot summer days, is essential for our body. If your having a summer wedding, this drink will be perfect for you to help refresh your guests. In big pitchers put half spring and half sparkling water. Then rend in mint leaves, add lemon peel and some berry fruit(blueberry, raspberry, blackberry...). This drink will be adorned by everyone, from kids to elders, it has perfect taste and looks. Trust us.

Mint Water

Mint Water>

Rosemary Cocktail

Rosemary is surely one of the top culinary spices. We use it to season meat, fish and potatoes. It has a perfect taste and smell, and it has always reminded us of weddings, so it would be appropriate to have a drink from it. Making a rosemary cocktail is simple, first make a syrup by cooking rosemary, water and if you want some sugar. Then, when it's done mix it with vodka, add sparkling water, ice cubes and lemon and lime slices. When making ice cubes, put rosemary in trays to have rosemary ice cubes, it will look beautiful and minimal.

Rosemary Cocktail

Rosemary Cocktail>

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