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Rustic and Country Wedding Theme Ideas Perfect for Fall Wedding

Posted on by Arya Miller

Fall weddings are magical! The air is crisp, the leaves are turning... and the nature is painting an awe inspiring canvas as a beautiful backdrop to your special day. And when you mix all that with few fall decorations such as pumpkins and mums, rustic details and country vibe, you'll get a mind-blowing, memorable wedding day. Dreaming about a perfect wedding dress for your rustic wedding? Take a look at our new wedding dress collection.

wedding dresses

Today we're bringing 15 ideas that are perfect for Country Rustic Wedding Theme. From cowboy boots cake, to the mason jars, to the hay bales, scroll down to see what made the cut.


rustic wedding

Bride and Groom Captured by Angela Divine Photography

Looking for the perfect wedding venue for your Rustic Country wedding? The barns, lodges, ranches or even gardens, would be perfect for it. Just think of infinite possibilities for breathtaking photos. On the link you can check out the best rustic Ranch and Barn wedding venues in US.


When it comes to welcome table, make sure that your table is both functional and eye catching for guests. Decorate the table with flowers and accessories that will complement your color scheme and wedding theme. Also, we can't forget the place cards! Sometimes, the simple details make the biggest statements, right? Not only place cards will show your guests to their seats, but they will add a lovely touch to your welcome table.

place cards

Unique Place Cards Captured by Lisamarie Artistry

If you're planning a fall wedding, you may also want to offer cozy fleece blankets to guests who might be cold during the wedding. You can arrange them in various wicker baskets and wooden crates. Also to make them more personalized, monogram your initials and wedding date, and it will look amazing!


Cozy Fleece Blankets Captured by Cassia Karin


wedding cake

Beautiful Wedding Cake Captured by Maxim Sadik Photography

Of course the cake has to fit the theme. With theme weddings you have to take care of every detail, and special care has to be tended to the probably biggest of all details, wedding cake. We always admire master confectioners on their beautifully crafted cakes, which can be considered as true masterpieces of art. A beautiful three piece cake, decorated with flowers in beautiful autumn colors with a perfect detail in form of copper wire shaped in newlyweds initials. These cakes are absolutely perfect for any rustic, and especially country weddings. They look minimal, clean, but at the same time, breathtaking. It's look, and the taste will be long remembered.


hot chocolate bar

Hot Chocolate bar Etsy >

You can't have a Fall wedding without a hot chocolate bar! Your guests will love this idea, especially the kids. Decorate the bar with wooden sign to let your guests know what's going on with all the goodies in front of them, flowers or even pine cones. You can also make paper cups with monogram and your wedding date. The key to any good hot chocolate bar lies in the toppings, agree? From the marshmallows, classic addition to any chocolate drinks, to the cinnamon, nutmeg and mint... the choices are endless!


Welcome sign

Welcome Sign Captured by Cody Turner Photography

Such a beautiful and unique rustic wedding idea! Hay bales have been a trend in rustic and country weddings from the very beginning, and we can absolutely see why. They are so versatile, relatively cheap and they look absolutely stunning! We have seen them being incorporated into weddings in so many beautiful ways, from hay bale seating covered in burlap, to the hay bale as a welcome table or even as a apple pie bar. If you are planning a country rustic wedding, hay bales are perfect choice for you. They will create relaxed, yet cozy, festive vibe.


Rustic and Country Wedding Theme Ideas Perfect for Fall
Wedding Cake Etsy >

If you are a couple that loves country life, you will love this wedding cake topper! It is so unique! Each boot is decorated to represent the bride and groom. Cowgirl boot, that represents the bride has a hat with an attached veil as well as garter, and cowboy boot has a black Stetson style cowboy hat. Cool, right? You can find this cake topper on Etsy, here is the link.


rustic wedding

Bride And Groom Captured by Galexia Studios

Autumn has arrived and we have to admit that we're pretty excited and are looking forward to apple pies, warm teas and long walks on colorful leaves. If you're having a wedding on autumn, and is rustic and country themed, then this will be a perfect decor idea for you! You can use these inspirational leaves for decorations. The colors on them look awesome and they have a calming effect on us. During your long walks, you can collect colorful leaves and use them as a centerpiece on your tables. This way you will add charm and a rustic look to it. Just imagine the magnificent color display on your tables that the leaves and candles will provide. Autumn at it's finest!


 Centrepiece Centrepiece Etsy >

Give a naturally rustic feel to your wedding with wooden tree slices as centerpieces. Place them in the centre of your table and display your decor, such as candle holders, mason jars, flowers, table numbers or any other things that you like. It will be a stunning romantic display that will look gorgeous at both day and night. Best of all, these wooden slices are super affordable, so you'll save some money too. Win-win!


Rustic and Country Wedding Theme Ideas Perfect for Fall

Table Setting Captured by Sugar Free Studio

Candles always contribute greatly if you want to create an atmosphere. They create a warm feeling, and also a romantic ambient. Because of this, they are basically an essential part of any wedding, especially if we're talking about country weddings. Decorators always use them to make the venue more special and more welcoming. Jars are a very cost effective way and a very good looking decoration if you put candles in them. It doesn't get any more simple and effective than this. You can use them to decorate both interior and exterior. If you're decorating the exterior, you can use solar candles. You can also fill jars with water and put floating candles in them. If you're having a rustic outdoor wedding, you can hang jars from the tree, and put solar candles in them. This way you will get a beautiful and breathtaking decoration. Your guests will love it! You can also paint golden dots on jars, so when you put candles in, you will get a more entertaining and unique decoration. For a more chic look, you can put candles in some pretty vases.


wagon Rustic Wagon Etsy >

How adorable is this? Your ring bearer will definitely steal the show! It's a great alternative from traditional throwing petals from a basket and carrying a small pillow with rings. And not to mention, perfect for fall rustic- country wedding theme. Decorate it with flowers to match with your decor theme, and have your ring bearer pull your flower girl. It can't be sweeter then that!


mini pies in mason jars Mini Pies in Mason Jars Pinterest>

We think that there is not a single person in the whole wide world that doesn't like pies. This dessert that is universally loved across the world is ideal for serving on autumn weddings. It's not even odd if newlyweds dedicate a whole table to it, filling it with nothing but pies. Different flavours are a must. Apple pie, pumpkin pie, pie with walnuts or forest fruits are desserts that will satisfy even the most demanding guests. But, what about serving pies in mason jars? By serving them in jars, you will easily achieve a simple but effective look. And if the crust is heart shaped, is there anything better and more appropriate for a wedding? All you have to do is to choose a flavour. You can serve these desserts on a wedding celebration, but you can also put a lid on them, decorate them with a bow and give them to guests as a thank you gift for being there with you on your most special day.


wedding chair signs Wedding Chair Signs Etsy>

Another great decor idea are these cute wooden chair signs. Hang them over your chair to easily make your seats as the Bride and Groom distinctive! You can tie Mr and Mrs balloons to the back of your chairs with signs and it will look amazing. These signs are perfect for adding a rustic chic feel, and a perfect touch to a dreamy country wedding. Find them on Etsy, here is the link.


Rustic and Country Wedding Theme Ideas Perfect for Fall

Donut Wall Etsy>

If you've been hanging out on Instagram and Pinterest lately, you have probably seen those awesome donut walls! This super cute idea is the new big thing in wedding trends, and if you ask us, the most genius! And not to mention it is a great wedding cake alternative! Make your very own unique treat corner that will be adored by your family, friends and little ones. Customize your donuts by offering different flavors, such as glazed, old fashioned, with sprinkles or you can even DIY your own glaze. You guests will love it! Also, it is always a great idea to have a vegan and gluten-free options for health-conscious couples and guests.


rustic wedding

Just Married Sign Captured by Cody Turner Photography

One of the oldest, and definitely our favorite wedding tradition is the 'getaway' car. And this wagon idea is perfect for rustic, country wedding. You can decorate it with ribbons, hearts, balloons or an old-school tin cans.


rustic wedding

Bride And Groom Captured by Danielle Wong Photography

We advise you that before heading to bridal shops, do some research on the internet to find out which models you like the most. This way, you will have a general idea of what you're looking for when going to the shops. Pick a wedding dress that reflects your daily clothing style. This way you will feel comfortable and confident in yourself. And self confidence is the most important things, especially on your biggest day. You don't want to feel confined because of your dress, you don't want, and don't deserve that on your wedding day. Before going to pick out your wedding dress, you need to set your budget. And you should inform the sales person about your budget, so you won't lose time on things you couldn't afford.

Rustic and Country Wedding Theme Ideas Perfect for Fall

Bride and Groom Captured by Jasmine Baetzel Photography

Check out the latest trends and of course take the location in account so your dress will fit the wedding theme. With rustic weddings it's important for the wedding dress to have a easy flow to itself, it can also be decorated with lace, and don't leave out the veil. Dress could also be in champagne color, it will give a dose of elegance in a rustic untouched nature environment.



Bride and Groom Captured by Art Of Roxy Photography

One of the most important decorative things are definitely flowers. They are also a major staple when planning a wedding. You should always opt for flowers that are in season and affordable. But, because they are in season, the flowers will automatically be more affordable than the ones that are not in season. Be open to all kinds of flowers. Most of them are available through the entire year (roses, hydrangeas, callas...). If you add more greenery, bouquets will be more rich and lavish, but more affordable in price. A nice detail when picking out flower arrangements is to make them more personal.

table setting

Table Setting Captured by Cassia Karin Photography

Although is important to not go over budget when planning a wedding, you should not save money on your bouquet. It will be, alongside your wedding dress, a centerpiece of your photos and will attract attention. Local flowers are a great choice if you're having a rustic themed wedding. Sunflowers, field flowers and daisies are a perfect choice. Check out our collection of flower girl dresses, perfect for rustic and country wedding.

flower girl dresses